Flail Mower and Mulcher Range

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Hydraulic Flail Mowers & Mulchers For Excavators From 1.2 to 25 Ton

We specialise in the distribution of flail mowers and mulchers with high performance blades for both forestry and standard applications. They are suitable for cutting hedges, brambles, grass and branches.

Our flails and mulchers, powered by Femac, are ideal for clearing canals, river banks, trees and vegetation from railway banks, maintaining woods and ground clearance in general. With options for excavators and skidsteers from 1.2 to 25 Ton Robustrack can help find the right flail, with the right setup, to suit your requirements.

Finding The Best Flail Or Mulcher For You

 We have a wide range of flails and mulchers both standard and reversible: the mulchers with standard setup come fitted with a rear roller that can be adjusted in three different positions. This means that the distance between the cutting level and the ground can be increased to avoid debris or foreign objects, or decreased to have a very close cut.

The reversible mulchers come without a roller, so that the operator is able to cut in both directions.  This means shorter cutting time with increased productivity, especially when operating on the side of the road, where limited interference with traffic is crucial.


No Drain Line Required

All our flails and mulcher models are fitted with an anti-cavitation flow control valve: this block of valves deals with the back pressure that might be generated by a sudden stop of the rotor of the hedge cutter. The block of valves releases the excess pressure and avoids potential damage to the seal of the hydraulic motor. A third pipe free flowing directly to the oil tank can be installed as an extra precaution.

Robustrack Flail and Mulcher LS block of valve


Every flail mower or mulcher can be supplied with standard mounting bracket (2 pins) to fit directly onto the boom of the excavator or with quick hitch mounting bracket with welded or removable pins to your specification. We can also fabricate custom orders in our workshop for options including flotation brackets, angled adaptors, thumbs and much more. Click here to find our more about our brackets


Models By Size

Select your sized excavator to find the right flail and specification for you.

We also have a range of munchers suitable for skid steers;

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