LS1 600 Rev Flail Mower

Compact and strong but remaining light, the LS1 600 flail mower is the perfect solution for hedge cutting and ground clearing with a small machine. With a cutting width of 600 and fitted with a choice of either Y blades or Hammer blades, even our smallest flail is able to deliver a clean cut on grass, brambles or light hedges up to 2 to 3cm in diameter. For excavators 1 – 3 Ton and small skidsteers and loaders.

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Our LS1 600 flail head is ideally suited for excavators 1 – 3 Ton. The weight of our flail mowers is a critical factor as stability and safety in any working condition is a top priority. The LS1 600 is strong yet light. There is no need for a drain line as the LS1-600 flail mower is fitted with a block of valves that acts as an anti-cavitation/flow control system that stops any spike in pressure or sudden stoppage from damaging the motor. This means it can be run just with 2 pipes and the excavator in hammer mode.

The LS1 600 comes with a removable and adjustable height roller. This is particularly helpful when operating on the side of the road where limited interference with traffic is crucial. The LS1 600 can be supplied with either Y-blades or hammer blades and can cut grass, brambles and hedges up to 2-3cm in diameter. Every flail mower or mulcher can be supplied with a mounting bracket to suit your machine complete with pipes and couplings. We can also fabricate custom orders in our workshop for options including flotation brackets, angled adaptors and much more.

Supplied with: -Protective rubber guard – anti-cavitation/flow control – No drain line required

Choice of Y blades or hammer blades on the rotor. Y blades are more suited to grass and hedgecutting where a neater finish is desired. Hammer blades are more robust and versatile and tend to be the most popular choice for general use.

Optional: Bracket with welded or removable pins – pipes and couplings – specialist or custom adapters/brackets/etc




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Gary Bowyer


A great company to do business with. They went the extra mile to contact me about my machine and requirements.

Martin Bond


My LS3-800 flail is indestructible! Really happy to highly recommend Robustrack - their attachments, service and overall friendly approach.

John Longden


Great people to deal with. Very happy with the aluminium loading ramps. Thanks!

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