Extensions at Robustrack

With thanks to The Rural Development Programme For England: Growth Programme: Project reference: 114250

We are incredibly grateful to The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development for their support and investment in our extension project.

Not so long ago we use to fabricate and store all our products in this small unit. With growth within the company we needed to move the fabrication to additional units on site and the project to extend this unit began.

The project hasn’t been without its set backs and supply chain issues and adverse winter weather did their very best to hold things up and generally make the builder’s lives difficult!

However, with lots of hard work and dedication things finally started to take shape and Callum happily got his racking in order!

It isn’t just the attachments that have benefitted from more space! With conversion of the mezzanine area the marketing department have branched out into their own office meaning they can run wild with creative flow! It has also provided us with a private meeting room for those occasions required.

It is a great addition to the offices and has allowed everyone to have more working space; it was beginning to feel a little cluttered and overcrowded. This has had a huge impact on everyone’s health and wellbeing.

The project has been a huge success and we are already benefitting from its impact. We know that it is going to continue to help us provide great sales and service to our customers and meet the ever increasing demands on the company. We are excited to continue to develop the space over the next few months. Look out for updates!

Eurocomach arrives at Lamma just in time to celebrate 40 years

With the 40th Lamma anniversary event finally upon us, Robustrack are thrilled to present the Eurocomach 90ZT at a UK show for the first time since announcing their Sole UK dealership for the excavators.

Since their last attendance at the show, Robustrack have grown and developed their product ranges and offering to the market. This has seen them go from strength to strength and additional premises in Oldbury have now been acquired to support the fabrication, repair and refurbishment side of the business.

 Eurocomach excavators make the perfect partnership with Robustrack, who are renowned for their supply of top of the range hydraulic attachments, thanks to the machines featuring a dedicated auxiliary pump purely to serve attachments.

The 90zt, the 9 ton model from Eurocomach’s zero tail range, will take centre stage of the Robustrack stand, in their signature all black paintwork.

Many have expressed their eagerness to get inside the cab of this stunning machine, with every control on the joysticks and an internal design built for comfort but not compromising on style; it is sure to be a show success.

The Robustrack team will be on hand to offer their expert knowledge and guidance and with branded hats and a friendly smile awaiting you there’s no excuse not to swing by and see what all the fuss is about.

Along with the 90zt, Robustrack bring along an array of their most popular attachments including their signature flail mulcher range, Agriforest log grabs and tree shears, including the impressive Grip Cut 320, concrete mixing buckets, selector grabs and breakers.

Director Davide Cerca expressed his joy at returning to LAMMA for the 2022 anniversary show;

“It is a privilege to be part of the 40th anniversary Lamma show and to be able to bring a machine like the Eurocomach 90zt makes it all the more special. The show has been long awaited with the cancellations due to Covid but I think the anticipation will make it an even better show. We can’t wait to catch up with customers new and old and finally be able to showcase these fantastic excavators along with our other quality Italian attachments”

You can find Robustrack on stand 20.340 at Lamma, Birmingham NEC, 4th and 5th May 2022.

Robustrack brings Italian flair to Scotland

After much anticipation Robustrack are thrilled to bring Eurocomach to ScotPlant 2022.

It’s been four years since Robustrack attended the ScotPlant with their quality range of hydraulic attachments and a lot has happened for the company in this time. Growth and development of their product ranges and offering to the market has seen them go from strength to strength and additional premises in Oldbury have been acquired to support the service, repair and refurbishment side of the business.

Having taken on the UK Exclusive for Italian excavator manufacturer Eurocomach, this year sees the North Yorkshire based company, for the first time (thanks to Covid), able to showcase one of their top of the range mini diggers.

The 25zt, 2.5 Ton model from Eurocomach’s zero tail range, will take centre stage of the Robustrack stand, in their signature all black paintwork.

Eurocomach excavators make the perfect partnership with Robustrack, who are renowned for their supply of top of the range hydraulic attachments, thanks to the machines featuring a dedicated auxiliary pump purely to serve attachments.

Many have expressed their eagerness to get inside the cab of this stunning machine, with every control on the joysticks and an internal design built for comfort but not compromising on style; it is sure to be a show success.

The Robustrack team will be on hand to offer their expert knowledge and guidance and with branded hats and a friendly smile awaiting you there’s no excuse not to swing by and see what all the fuss is about.

Robustrack Flails and Mulchers

Along with the 25zt, Robustrack bring an array of their most popular attachments including the signature flail mulcher range, Agriforest log grabs and tree shears (with the impressive Grip Cut 320), concrete mixing buckets, selector grabs and breakers.

Director Davide Cerca proclaimed his joy at returning to ScotPlant for the 2022 show;

“ScotPlant has always been one our favourite shows to attend. It is a fantastic chance to catch up with colleagues, the visitors are great, the venue of the Royal Highland Centre is second to none and the machinery on display is truly spectacular. We feel incredibly proud to be able to bring Eurocomach to Scotland. The quality of these machines is impressive and like nothing else on the market. Missing out on the show in 2020 due to Covid was such a disappointment but I think it means we are in for something special this year; everyone is ready for it!”

You can find Robustrack on Ave B No 5, the 22nd & 23rd April 2022, at The Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh

Robustrack guide to: Hitch measurements

Getting your hitch measurements right is essential. We want your new attachment to fit your machine like a glove and working at its optimum the moment it arrives with you.

We ask that you complete an order form after placing your order that secures your place in our production pipeline. By including your required hitch dimensions our workshop team can fabricate a bracket to suit your machine and attach it to your purchased attachment.

There are 4 measurements we need:

A: Front pin diameter

B: Distance between the pins

C: Back pin diameter

D: Width between the ears

If you need a specialist hitch for a different machine such as a telehandler, skid steer or Avant/Multi One that isn’t a problem – just let us know on your order form.

With 2 fully equipped workshops and a team of coded welders we have the capacity to make custom orders and hitches and offer repair work. Please call and speak to Shaun on 07500 744834 for more details and a quotation.

Most of our customer just require a standard hitch with either welded or removable pins and so all we need are the measurements.

Here’s Shaun with another helpful guide on taking your hitch measurements:

YouTube player

If you need any further information or help please do give us a call on 01524 242414

Robustrack guide to: Coupling sizes

We pride ourselves at Robustrack on supplying our attachments ready to ‘plug and play’. This means they come complete with bracket, pipes and couplings to suit your machine. We have posted previously with a guide to brackets. Now lets look at hydraulic coupling sizes!

All Robustrack attachments can be supplied with pipes with couplings; we just need to know what couplings you need to plug into your excavator auxiliary lines.

Flat faced couplings come in male and female pairs. The male is designed to fit inside its female counterpart forming a connection between two ends of hose.

You will have couplings at the end of the lines on your digger boom which the hoses of your new Robustrack attachment need to connect to in order to receive a flow of oil. To ensure the fit, our workshop need to know what size couplings to send you. We hold 1/4″ to 1″, male and female, flat faced couplings in stock and can order other sizes and types where required.

To measure your couplings you must measure across the face;


For female couplings the measurement should be taken of the inner circle, where the male would connect. For the male coupling the measurement can be taken edge to edge.

Once the measurement has been taken it can be converted into the coupling body size using the chart below (note the examples below are all male);


We’ve put together a simple video guide to help you but if you need any further help please do not hesitate to give us a call.

YouTube player

A guide to: Completing your order form

Congratulations! You’ve browsed the website, chatted with the sales team and have placed an order for your perfect Robustrack attachment. So what next?! Well, its time to complete your order form!

You may have received an order form attached to your quote or invoice. If not, get in touch and we can email one to you. Alternatively, there is an online version of the form that can be completed on the website;

The order form is our opportunity to collect invoice and delivery address details and gather the specific information we need to fabricate your bracket, pipes and couplings.

Every excavator and coupler is different and we like to ensure that your new attachment is ready to ‘plug and play’.

Our workshop need to know your bracket dimensions and whether you want welded or removable pins (surcharge for removable). They can also supply pipes and couplings to suit your machine. It is helpful to include your machine make and model, plus quick hitch type, to ensure compatibility with the attachment you have ordered.

Please note that your order will not progress to our workshop pipeline until we receive a completed order form either online or via email.

We have put together a couple of simple guides on taking hitch measurements and coupling sizes.

If you need any additional help please do not hesitate to contact us on 015242 42414 or email

Eurocomach HQ Visit 2021

Visitando i nostri amici di Eurocomach!

Eurocomach Italy

After the excitement of announcing that Robustrack were to be UK dealers of Eurocomach, we couldn’t wait to visit them in Italy. Unfortunately Covid had other ideas and we’ve had to settle with stock deliveries to get our Eurocomach fix!

Having our first excavators in the UK has been fantastic. Feedback on the build quality and performance has been superb. Thankfully however, last month, we were finally able to fly across to Italy and see first hand where all the magic happens!

Shaun at Eurocomach

Situated in the Central Apennines, the Eurocomach factory is an impressive presence, occupying a vast area of the valley in San Piero In Bagno. Despite the distraction of the picturesque backdrop it is the clusters of excavators proudly standing awaiting delivery that steal focus. Shaun helpfully sent this picture of himself with a 90zt to give the Marketing team a sense of scale. Plans are all ready well on the way for showcasing this magnificent excavator at Lamma 22! Watch this space!

Eurocomach Factory Tour

Guido was our most hospitable tour guide and we took advantage of his knowledge and expertise to get a full and comprehensive product overview. Shaun took the opportunity to test drive numerous machines whilst on site including the 65TR. The machine proved impressive on power and versatility and was a silky smooth ride. The look and build quality is second to none. We can’t wait to have one delivered into our UK stock before the end of the year.

Eurocomach tour

The rest of the day was used to explore the factory and workshop, observing the production line, and watching each machine come to life from rubber track to delivery. There was also a huge range of attachments stocked on display.

It was a pleasure to watch the hands-on, quality-orientated workmanship of the Eurocomach workshop. Each machine looks and feels like a true personal build. Offering Eurocomach Configuration Support (ECS), the workshop customise painting, auxiliary hydraulic lines and have a range of options on track types. It was fascinating to follow the stages of production and see the high standards executed.

We also had the opportunity to see another side to Eurocomach; their range of compact tracked and wheeled loaders. These machines are hugely popular across Europe for their agility and versatility in handling materials. We’d love to see them become as popular in the UK.

It was a fantastic day at the factory and so satisfying watching these quality machines being designed, tested and produced. We can confidently say that what you get with a Eurocomach excavator truly is something special.

Thank you to everyone at Eurocomach for their time and hospitality. We look forward to returning in the New Year.

A trip to Trevi Benne, October 2021

Covid restrictions finally allow a long-awaited return to Italy!

In October, Bobby, Davide and Shaun finally took a trip to Italy for a jam-packed few days of business. Whilst there, they had the pleasure of visiting our suppliers of top-quality demolition equipment Trevi Benne.

Trevi Benne are Europe’s largest producer of Demolition and Recycling attachments. They offer the biggest range in the World covering excavators from 1.5 to 300 Ton!

For a look at some of their ranges click here.

Welcoming them was the warm and friendly face of Paolo. He spent the morning providing an in-depth and informative product training session. This was incredibly helpful and insightful and has assisted in developing our understanding of their product range and the options available.

They focussed on two specific product lines;

  • MK Series – a range of Multi-kit Pulveriser, for primary, secondary demolition and steel cutting
  • CS Series – steel shears, dedicated to cutting steal

After an educational morning in the office, thoughts turned to food and they went into Noventa Vicentina with Paolo for a delicious lunch at the hotel ‘Alla Busa‘; which apparently included the most incredible Prosciutto starter!

On return to Trevi Benne, they were lucky enough to have a factory tour and saw the incredible range of demolition attachments being fabricated. Shaun was very happy watching their CNC plasma beds busy at work, cutting out the various bits of steel. He noted the high level of attention to detail on display.

Every member of the Trevi team was so friendly and welcoming. We are proud to be working with such a quality, professional and personable company.

It was an incredibly engaging visit, giving us a really good understanding of the product range and why customers should choose Trevi Benne. We are now better equipped to help our customers find the right product for their machine and application.

Thank you so much to Paolo and the Trevi team. We look forward to coming back again soon.

Engcon Big Dig Day South West!

20th and 21st  August  2021
Downslade Farm, Tengore Lane, Langport, Somerset, TA10 9NY

Robustrack is heading to Somerset!…

Following on from the exciting arrival of our first shipment of Eurocomach excavators, Shaun has been busy installing our very first Engcotiltrotator with DC2 control system to the 25ZT.

Whilst a temporary set up was available for display purposes at The Great Yorkshire Show it is now complete and ready to play with – and where better to start than at Engcon’s own BIG DIG DAY!

Having had success in previous years with dig days, Engcon have arranged a TWO DAY EVENT in Langport, Somerset showcasing their tiltrotators on a variety of machines and providing operators with the opportunity to try these out in a working environment.

Engcon tiltrotators allow your attachments to rotate through a 360° axis and tilt +/-45°! This means that you can work from where you stand and access those hard to reach areas, even in limited space. Whether using a tree shear around other trees or digging around a manhole, the Engcon tiltrotator gives the versatility that your excavator wouldn’t otherwise have.

Robustrack’s Eurocomach joins a KATO HD27V4 with EC204, VOLVO ECR145E with EC219, DOOSAN DX140 with EC219, DOOSAN DX27z with EC02, YANMAR SV18 with EC02, KUBOTA KX060-5 with EC206 and HITACHI ZX55U-6 with EC206 on display and available to demo. 

As well as the chance of trying out these great high spec machines and tiltrotators there will be some fantastic special offers available as well as food and drink on site all day. 

For the experienced operators amongst you, why not take on the skills challenge for the chance to win a £200 voucher!?

To register for the day click here

The Euros Come Home! Eurocomach excavators arrive at Robustrack!

It hasn’t taken a football tournament for Robustrack to appreciate the quality in ENGLAND and ITALY. We have been supplying quality Italian attachments for excavators for over 7 years and with an Anglo-Italian fusion workforce have got the perfect measure of top class products with top-class service.

Saying that, this weekend’s game certainly presents us with an interesting dilemma (and no doubt plenty of office banter on Monday)!

Luckily for Robustrack, it’s coming home either way!

Robustrack Eurocomach arrival

It was a pleasure to announce earlier this year that Robustrack had been made OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR for Italian manufacturer Eurocomach. We have been eagerly awaiting our first shipment of excavators and we can ecstatically confirm that they have now ARRIVED!!!

Eurocomach 18ZT

It was a typically wet British Summer welcome but that didn’t take away the awe of the occasion. These machines really do emanate quality in not only their look but their build and performance. We anticipated that the machines would be incredible in BLACK but only upon seeing them ‘in the flesh’ can you truly appreciate what an impressive presence they are.

Unloading the Eurocomachs at Robustrack

First off the truck was the 25ZT. With ramps carefully positioned and the digger boom down Shaun took the first tentative steps onto British soil (or tarmac in this case!). It was a worrying couple of minutes but as the tracks hit solid ground and rolled to park we could revel in our new arrival.

Robustrack Eurocomach Pdi

The craftmanship of these machines really is something to behold. Nothing has been left unfinished and the attention to detail is EXQUISITE. They quickly began to grab the attention of our neighbouring businesses.

The cabin, with its generous interior dimensions, offers some of the best interior space in its class. The large width of the access door makes it easy to climb in and out and the front windshield with assisted lift promotes MAXIMUM VISABILITY due to its considerable width.

The adjustable suspension leather seat combined with the floating cabin, adequately dampens vibrations and bumps, MAXIMISING OPERATOR COMFORT and makes for a really SMOOTH RIDE. Equipped with a glove compartment and a battery charger, the cab also boasts a radio set up ensuring practicality with all the necessary home comforts.

Eurocomachs at Robustrack

Once all three excavators, the 25ZT plus two 18ZT’s, had been unloaded and lined up in the yard it was easy to see just how compact the zero tail swing allows these machines to be. The minimal space they take up in our yard will be of huge benefit on site or in the back of a trailer when space is at a premium. They are absolutely made for attachments with their third auxiliary line.

Eurocomach with Engcon

We are so pleased that these machines have arrived this week as it means the 25ZT can take centre stage on our stand at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show! Shaun has been busy installing an Engcon tiltrotator ready to showcase on the excavator and it is looking spectacular.

Now we have seen the smaller models we can’t wait for the larger excavators to come into stock particularly the 90ZT and 65TR that are due later this year; they are sure to be something quite special.

Commencing upon our journey with Eurocomach is exciting and it is a pleasure to be ready to exhibit and supply these incredible machines to you all.

If you are at The Great Yorkshire Show next week please do pop along to our stand and say hello and see the Eurocomach 25ZT for yourself on stand 17 Avenue D!