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Quality service

A professional, friendly and knowledge approach to understand your needs and your requirements.

Quality Products

Supply of quality Italian-made products, checked in-house by our skilled engineers and delivered for immediate use.

Quality Support

After sales service, including spare parts and repairs, aiming to reduce machine down/me to a minimum.


Where are you based?

We are located in Ingleton, North Yorkshire, LA6 3NU.

Do you just sell flails?

No. We sell a variety of hydraulic attachments including flails, log grabs, tree shears, concrete mixing buckets, post drivers, compaction plates, breakers, demolition equipment, forestry, rail and more! Take a look at our product page for more information.

Do you keep all your attachments in stock?

We try to hold as much stock as we can; in particular our bestselling flails, log grabs, concrete mixing buckets and tree shears. Please call a member of the sales team to check current stock levels.

Why do you need hitch dimensions/information about my machine from me?

We want your attachment to work the very best it can. Getting the perfect fit is important and so we ensure machine compatibility and customise every bracket to order, ensuring the dimensions match your specification.

Is finance available on my purchase?

We can put you in touch with our finance partner who can look at the options available to you. Please speak to the sales team to arrange this.

Can I get a Robustrack cap?

Yes! Send us your best videos and pictures of a Robustrack hydraulic attachment in action or write us a review and we will send you an official Robustrack cap in return!

Can I come and have a look at your products?

Yes! We hold a range of items in stock and welcome customers to come to our Ingleton base. The warehouse is open Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm. Weekends can be arranged by appointment only.

Where do Robustrack products come from?

All our hydraulic attachments are made in and imported from Italy who are renowned within the industry for their quality.

How long should I expect for delivery?

Once an order has been placed we ask that an order form is completed and returned with your specifications and delivery address details. When the sales team receive this information it is then sent through to the workshop to be processed. We ask that 5 working days is allowed for hitch production on items held in stock. Longer lead times for other items will be advised at the point of order.

Do you do demos/hire?

We have a range of hydraulic attachments available for hire and can be arranged for demo, subject to availability. Please call a member of the sales team for more details on 01524 242414.

Does my order come with a warranty?

All our products come with a 12 month warranty. Consumables/wear parts not included.


What is the difference between a flail and a mulcher?

Honestly, not a lot. The term ‘flail’ tends to be used when referring to our smaller range of flails where grass cutting/hedge trimming is intended. ‘Mulcher’, however, is used on the larger, heavier duty attachments when used to cut brambles, branches and saplings. The two terms are largely interchangeable.

Are they supplied ready to use?

We offer the option of a custom made bracket, fabricated in-house, with your hydraulic attachment to suit your excavator and supply of pipes and couplings so that your order really is ready to ‘plug and play’. Just ensure that your excavator is switched to work in single acting mode not double acting.

Can I track and cut?

Yes, but first of all your excavator must have enough oil flow capacity to perform both actions; therefore it is important to combine the right flail with the right excavator. Some excavators automatically cut the oil flow when you try to perform both actions. In these cases the solution is to have a priority valve installed on your machine to ensure that oil flow to the auxiliary line isn’t restricted.

Will your flails/mulchers suit my machine?

We have an option to suit most machines and have many hydraulic attachments working around the country on excavators, skidsteers and mini loaders of all shapes a nd sizes. We endeavour to find the right fit for you so speak to a member of our sales team who can advise the most suitable attachment for your machine and your needs. More advice is offered here.

Do I need a drain line?

No. Our flails can run off just 2 hoses so there is no need for a drain line. They come with an anti-cavitation block of valves/flow control system that stops any spike in pressure or sudden stoppage from damaging the excavator/motor.

What type of blades/rotor do I need?

The 2 standard types for smaller flails are Y-shape blades and hammer blades. Y-shape blades are best for leaving a clean cut for neater hedgerows, whilst hammer blades are for more heavy duty, robust clearing. When it comes to flails and mulchers for bigger excavators (6 Ton or more) we also have the possibility of fitting a forestry rotor with swinging hammers or with fixed teeth.

Concrete Mixing Buckets

Why should I choose a mixing bucket over a pan mixer?

Our Concrete Mixing Buckets have a special auger design that pushes the mixture towards the centre of the bucket providing a perfect mix of concrete. This ‘forced’ mixing means better quality concrete compared with that of pan mixers which work with a system where the concrete falls from the sides of the bucket into the mixer. Our mixing buckets are self loading meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of the cab. They also enable you to dispense concrete where you need to by either tipping or through the hydraulically controlled discharge outlet at the base of the bucket, which can be activated from the cab with the installation of an electric switch (sold separately). For even more precise placement a hose is supplied to direct the flow of concrete into your desired destination.

Why should I choose your mixing bucket?

Our mixing buckets are incredibly durable and robust thanks to the high quality HARDOX® used to make them. The HARDOX® In My Body sign proves that it has passed a strict criteria of welding, design and manufacturing process. Our concrete mixing buckets also have replaceable paddles, meaning a new set can be welded on if needed after a few years wear and tear.

I only have a telehandler. Can I still have a mixing bucket?

Absolutely! Our mixing buckets are available for excavators, skid or wheel loaders or telescopic handlers. Just call a member of the sales team and we will ensure you choose the right sized bucket and the right bracket for your machine.

Happy Customers

Customer testimonials

Gary Bowyer


A great company to do business with. They went the extra mile to contact me about my machine and requirements.

Martin Bond


My LS3-800 flail is indestructible! Really happy to highly recommend Robustrack - their attachments, service and overall friendly approach.

John Longden


Great people to deal with. Very happy with the aluminium loading ramps. Thanks!

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