Mulchers for 13 to 25T Excavators

LS7 Forestry Mulcher Robustrack

LS7 series reversible Mulchers – Top of the range for heavy duty jobs.

The LS7 mulchers are the top of our range of hydraulic attachments.  The standard setup comes fitted with a Variable Displacement Piston Motor so that the Mulcher can be used by any excavator between 13 and 25T. This range of mulchers is more compact, and heavier than the LS6 Series, and so we recommend it for use with at least a 13T digger. The LS7 has a maximum cutting width of 1600mm, a step up from the 1300mm cutting width of the LS6.

LS7 Forestry Mulcher Robustrack


Similarly to our LS6 range, the LS7 can be supplied with a Standard Rotor, fitted with Hammer Blades for general clearing. For more heavy duty jobs, the LS7 can be fitted with a Forestry Rotor, with swinging mullets to cut through trees and branches up to 20cm in diameter. The Forestry Rotor is also available with Fixed Teeth, with provides additional mulching capacity.

Rotors for mulcher for excavators

Forestry Rotor                          Hammer Blade                         Forestry Rotor With Fixed Teeth

The LS7 is in its element when tackling any forestry job you require it to do. The operator doesn’t need to worry about branch thickness, as there is no doubt that the Flail will be able to mulch through with ease.

With these Mulchers, you can choose to have Hydraulically Controlled Hoods or the Hoods can be adjusted mechanically. If the Hoods are closed, they allow you to chop branches into finer pieces and ensure that the material stays more inside the Mulcher, reducing the debris created. However, if you need to deal with very thick vegetation, you can choose to open the Hoods which will allow the material to be expelled and so speed up the mulching process.

LS7 Mulcher - Robustrack

Every Mulcher is delivered with:

    • Protective chains
    • Anti-cavitation flow control valve: a system that stops the back pressure from damaging the hydraulic pump if there is a sudden stop of the rotor of the mulcher due to an obstacle or a foreign object being hit during operation.
    • Optional: standard or quick hitch mounting brackets
    • Optional: pipes, pins, bits and pieces
Forestry Mulchers on display at a show
LS7 Forestry Mulcher
Forestry Mulchers on display at a Trade Show
LS7 Forestry Mulcher


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