LS4 Flail Mower for 5 to 8T excavators

LS4-1200 flail mower

LS4 1000 and LS4 1200 – Flail mowers for the most popular size of excavator in the UK


To operate our LS4 flail mowers you’ll need at least a 5T excavator – things are getting serious here! When it comes to clearing areas this flail mower head will deal with any task that you set it to. This is the favourite choice of builders, tree surgeons, farmers and landscapers.  Quick and precise, the LS4 will save you considerable time and money.

ls4 1000


1000mm or 1200mm

There are 2 versions of the LS4 – 1000mm and 1200mm, depending of the size of the excavator. For a 5-6T excavator we recommend the LS4-1000 and for 7-8T the LS4-1200. Both can be supplied with Y blades or heavy duty hammers, the latter definitely preferred by our customers. The LS4 hedge cutters are fitter with a roller, adjustable in 3 different positions. This feature is particularly appreciated when it comes to clearing areas with stones or debris. Meaning the operator can choose to increase the distance between the blades and the ground reducing impact with foreign objects.



Our flail mowers are delivered with:

  • Protective rubber in front of the cutting opening to stop shreds.
  • Anti-cavitation block of valves: a system that stops the back pressure from damaging the hydraulic pump if there is a sudden stop of the rotor of the flail mower due to an obstacle or a foreign object being hit during cutting.
  • Optional: standard or quick hitch mounting brackets
  • Optional: pipes, pins, bits and pieces

Both flail mowers take up very little space in your work place but give users a great deal of flexibility. Any time you need to clear growth or cut hedges.


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