Eurocomach HQ Visit 2021

Visitando i nostri amici di Eurocomach!

Eurocomach Italy

After the excitement of announcing that Robustrack were to be UK dealers of Eurocomach, we couldn’t wait to visit them in Italy. Unfortunately Covid had other ideas and we’ve had to settle with stock deliveries to get our Eurocomach fix!

Having our first excavators in the UK has been fantastic. Feedback on the build quality and performance has been superb. Thankfully however, last month, we were finally able to fly across to Italy and see first hand where all the magic happens!

Shaun at Eurocomach

Situated in the Central Apennines, the Eurocomach factory is an impressive presence, occupying a vast area of the valley in San Piero In Bagno. Despite the distraction of the picturesque backdrop it is the clusters of excavators proudly standing awaiting delivery that steal focus. Shaun helpfully sent this picture of himself with a 90zt to give the Marketing team a sense of scale. Plans are all ready well on the way for showcasing this magnificent excavator at Lamma 22! Watch this space!

Eurocomach Factory Tour

Guido was our most hospitable tour guide and we took advantage of his knowledge and expertise to get a full and comprehensive product overview. Shaun took the opportunity to test drive numerous machines whilst on site including the 65TR. The machine proved impressive on power and versatility and was a silky smooth ride. The look and build quality is second to none. We can’t wait to have one delivered into our UK stock before the end of the year.

Eurocomach tour

The rest of the day was used to explore the factory and workshop, observing the production line, and watching each machine come to life from rubber track to delivery. There was also a huge range of attachments stocked on display.

It was a pleasure to watch the hands-on, quality-orientated workmanship of the Eurocomach workshop. Each machine looks and feels like a true personal build. Offering Eurocomach Configuration Support (ECS), the workshop customise painting, auxiliary hydraulic lines and have a range of options on track types. It was fascinating to follow the stages of production and see the high standards executed.

We also had the opportunity to see another side to Eurocomach; their range of compact tracked and wheeled loaders. These machines are hugely popular across Europe for their agility and versatility in handling materials. We’d love to see them become as popular in the UK.

It was a fantastic day at the factory and so satisfying watching these quality machines being designed, tested and produced. We can confidently say that what you get with a Eurocomach excavator truly is something special.

Thank you to everyone at Eurocomach for their time and hospitality. We look forward to returning in the New Year.