A guide to: Completing your order form

Congratulations! You’ve browsed the website, chatted with the sales team and have placed an order for your perfect Robustrack attachment. So what next?! Well, its time to complete your order form!

You may have received an order form attached to your quote or invoice. If not, get in touch and we can email one to you. Alternatively, there is an online version of the form that can be completed on the website;

The order form is our opportunity to collect invoice and delivery address details and gather the specific information we need to fabricate your bracket, pipes and couplings.

Every excavator and coupler is different and we like to ensure that your new attachment is ready to ‘plug and play’.

Our workshop need to know your bracket dimensions and whether you want welded or removable pins (surcharge for removable). They can also supply pipes and couplings to suit your machine. It is helpful to include your machine make and model, plus quick hitch type, to ensure compatibility with the attachment you have ordered.

Please note that your order will not progress to our workshop pipeline until we receive a completed order form either online or via email.

We have put together a couple of simple guides on taking hitch measurements and coupling sizes.

If you need any additional help please do not hesitate to contact us on 015242 42414 or email info@robustrack.co.uk.