The Euros Come Home! Eurocomach excavators arrive at Robustrack!

It hasn’t taken a football tournament for Robustrack to appreciate the quality in ENGLAND and ITALY. We have been supplying quality Italian attachments for excavators for over 7 years and with an Anglo-Italian fusion workforce have got the perfect measure of top class products with top-class service.

Saying that, this weekend’s game certainly presents us with an interesting dilemma (and no doubt plenty of office banter on Monday)!

Luckily for Robustrack, it’s coming home either way!

Robustrack Eurocomach arrival

It was a pleasure to announce earlier this year that Robustrack had been made OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR for Italian manufacturer Eurocomach. We have been eagerly awaiting our first shipment of excavators and we can ecstatically confirm that they have now ARRIVED!!!

Eurocomach 18ZT

It was a typically wet British Summer welcome but that didn’t take away the awe of the occasion. These machines really do emanate quality in not only their look but their build and performance. We anticipated that the machines would be incredible in BLACK but only upon seeing them ‘in the flesh’ can you truly appreciate what an impressive presence they are.

Unloading the Eurocomachs at Robustrack

First off the truck was the 25ZT. With ramps carefully positioned and the digger boom down Shaun took the first tentative steps onto British soil (or tarmac in this case!). It was a worrying couple of minutes but as the tracks hit solid ground and rolled to park we could revel in our new arrival.

Robustrack Eurocomach Pdi

The craftmanship of these machines really is something to behold. Nothing has been left unfinished and the attention to detail is EXQUISITE. They quickly began to grab the attention of our neighbouring businesses.

The cabin, with its generous interior dimensions, offers some of the best interior space in its class. The large width of the access door makes it easy to climb in and out and the front windshield with assisted lift promotes MAXIMUM VISABILITY due to its considerable width.

The adjustable suspension leather seat combined with the floating cabin, adequately dampens vibrations and bumps, MAXIMISING OPERATOR COMFORT and makes for a really SMOOTH RIDE. Equipped with a glove compartment and a battery charger, the cab also boasts a radio set up ensuring practicality with all the necessary home comforts.

Eurocomachs at Robustrack

Once all three excavators, the 25ZT plus two 18ZT’s, had been unloaded and lined up in the yard it was easy to see just how compact the zero tail swing allows these machines to be. The minimal space they take up in our yard will be of huge benefit on site or in the back of a trailer when space is at a premium. They are absolutely made for attachments with their third auxiliary line.

Eurocomach with Engcon

We are so pleased that these machines have arrived this week as it means the 25ZT can take centre stage on our stand at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show! Shaun has been busy installing an Engcon tiltrotator ready to showcase on the excavator and it is looking spectacular.

Now we have seen the smaller models we can’t wait for the larger excavators to come into stock particularly the 90ZT and 65TR that are due later this year; they are sure to be something quite special.

Commencing upon our journey with Eurocomach is exciting and it is a pleasure to be ready to exhibit and supply these incredible machines to you all.

If you are at The Great Yorkshire Show next week please do pop along to our stand and say hello and see the Eurocomach 25ZT for yourself on stand 17 Avenue D!