Eurocomach comes to Robustrack – Our Thoughts.

Well, what can we say?! Words can not explain how excited we are about our latest news. You’ve probably already heard that Robustrack have become the only UK importer of Eurocomach Excavators and Skidsteers. If you haven’t, then you really need to follow us on social. Click Click. (You’re welcome).

There are many a reason why we have chosen Eurocomach to work with (we’d like to think many a reason they’ve chosen us too). It’s not just the fact that they are Italian, although this helps – never compromising on design, even when function is key. We could even go as far as to say we are a little bias, but it’s for good reason.


Eurocomach – For you. Your needs. Your Success.

Eurocomach specialise in building for you, forever changing their designs to suit your needs, helping to build your success. This for us, being such a customer focused company ourselves, just makes sense.

With an abundance of positives, some of them unique. Making Eurocomach an absolute no brainer of an excavator. High visibility, extreme comfort, tiltable cabs for easy maintenance, Air Con as an optional extra to name but a few. Not to mention the super-efficient engine, designed and built to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption. With the option to run on bio fuel, making working near water no longer an issue.

Now to talk about that single one thing, the golden ticket to seal the deal for us. Don’t get us wrong, it’s an impressive list of positives, but there was one absolute must that completely sold it. That is the Eurocomach’s unrivalled auxiliary flow rates supplied by it’s dedicated auxiliary pump. Working hand in hand with our impressive Hydraulic Attachment range. Therefore removing any concerns around tracking and using the auxiliary line at the same time. A daily subject for the Robustrack team and often a question from many a customer.

More exciting news coming soon. So please feel free to follow us and keep up to date.