A trip to Trevi Benne, October 2021

Covid restrictions finally allow a long-awaited return to Italy!

In October, Bobby, Davide and Shaun finally took a trip to Italy for a jam-packed few days of business. Whilst there, they had the pleasure of visiting our suppliers of top-quality demolition equipment Trevi Benne.

Trevi Benne are Europe’s largest producer of Demolition and Recycling attachments. They offer the biggest range in the World covering excavators from 1.5 to 300 Ton!

For a look at some of their ranges click here.

Welcoming them was the warm and friendly face of Paolo. He spent the morning providing an in-depth and informative product training session. This was incredibly helpful and insightful and has assisted in developing our understanding of their product range and the options available.

They focussed on two specific product lines;

  • MK Series – a range of Multi-kit Pulveriser, for primary, secondary demolition and steel cutting
  • CS Series – steel shears, dedicated to cutting steal

After an educational morning in the office, thoughts turned to food and they went into Noventa Vicentina with Paolo for a delicious lunch at the hotel ‘Alla Busa‘; which apparently included the most incredible Prosciutto starter!

On return to Trevi Benne, they were lucky enough to have a factory tour and saw the incredible range of demolition attachments being fabricated. Shaun was very happy watching their CNC plasma beds busy at work, cutting out the various bits of steel. He noted the high level of attention to detail on display.

Every member of the Trevi team was so friendly and welcoming. We are proud to be working with such a quality, professional and personable company.

It was an incredibly engaging visit, giving us a really good understanding of the product range and why customers should choose Trevi Benne. We are now better equipped to help our customers find the right product for their machine and application.

Thank you so much to Paolo and the Trevi team. We look forward to coming back again soon.