Eurocomach comes to Robustrack – Our Thoughts.

Well, what can we say?! Words can not explain how excited we are about our latest news. You’ve probably already heard that Robustrack have become the only UK importer of Eurocomach Excavators and Skidsteers. If you haven’t, then you really need to follow us on social. Click Click. (You’re welcome).

There are many a reason why we have chosen Eurocomach to work with (we’d like to think many a reason they’ve chosen us too). It’s not just the fact that they are Italian, although this helps – never compromising on design, even when function is key. We could even go as far as to say we are a little bias, but it’s for good reason.


Eurocomach – For you. Your needs. Your Success.

Eurocomach specialise in building for you, forever changing their designs to suit your needs, helping to build your success. This for us, being such a customer focused company ourselves, just makes sense.

With an abundance of positives, some of them unique. Making Eurocomach an absolute no brainer of an excavator. High visibility, extreme comfort, tiltable cabs for easy maintenance, Air Con as an optional extra to name but a few. Not to mention the super-efficient engine, designed and built to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption. With the option to run on bio fuel, making working near water no longer an issue.

Now to talk about that single one thing, the golden ticket to seal the deal for us. Don’t get us wrong, it’s an impressive list of positives, but there was one absolute must that completely sold it. That is the Eurocomach’s unrivalled auxiliary flow rates supplied by it’s dedicated auxiliary pump. Working hand in hand with our impressive Hydraulic Attachment range. Therefore removing any concerns around tracking and using the auxiliary line at the same time. A daily subject for the Robustrack team and often a question from many a customer.

More exciting news coming soon. So please feel free to follow us and keep up to date.


Mounting brackets demystified

What is a mounting bracket exactly? What mounting bracket is right for you?

Following on from our last post about what makes a flail mower the right one for you, {click here if you missed it} we’ve been asked to explain all about mounting brackets. So here goes …

Mounting bracket for a quick hitch

Standard vs Quick hitch

When we talk about mounting brackets to be supplied with flail mowers we need to look at whether the flail is going to be fitted at the end of the boom of the digger or whether the flail is going to be used with a quick hitch. What we call the standard mounting bracket is the mounting bracket that fits at the end of the digger. In order to supply that we don’t require any drawings or dimensions from customers as we have a database to refer to which provides us with the specs.

In contrast, with quick hitches the process is different as there are many different producers of quick hitch and each of them produces a different one. Therefore in order to be sure that the mounting bracket we produce will fit the quick hitch of our customer we need to take some dimensions first.

These are the 3 measurements required:

  1. the diameter of the pins (A/C)
  2. the distance between the centres of the pins (B)
  3. the width to put between the ears of the bracket (D)

What is a mounting bracket exactly?

It’s a bottom plate with two ears welded on. The boom of the digger, either directly or fitted with a quick hitch, connects between the two ears. The mounting bracket is usually bolted onto our flails, which means one flail could be bought with 2 mounting brackets enabling it to be used with 2 different machines. A customer can then can swap them around depending on which machine he needs to use the mulcher with.

Mounting bracket


The other important factor when we talk about mounting brackets for quick hitches is that they can be supplied with pins. They can be welded on, like on a digging bucket where the pins are not removable. Or we can supply the mounting bracket fitted with bushes and with removable pins. Most of our customers choose to go for the bracket with welded pins mostly because it’s more practical. The structure is more rigid, more solid and there’s no risk of loosing the pins. Occasionally however we have people who require the bracket with removable pins.

Floatation hitch

Floatation hitch

Now when it comes to mounting brackets we are often asked about floatation hitches, where the mounting bracket is fitted on top of this special hitch. The floatation hitch is a system designed to allow the flail mower to move according to the undulation of the ground. It’s particularly recommended and requested when you need to carry out precise and tidy jobs – on golf courses or anywhere there is ground that isn’t perfectly flat for instance, and you need to really cut the grass down to the ground, following the shape of the terrain.

The floatation hitch goes between the flail mower and the bracket and it’s important to note that the floatation hitch can be locked into a fixed position as well as a floatation position. In the floating position, as the arm of the digger moves on the ground, the flail moves up and down following the shape of the terrain. However, in the locked position you don’t have that flexibility. It becomes a rigid system as if you didn’t have the flotation hitch installed. Having both options means more than one job can be done with the same flail mower. In this way, when you are grass clearing you might use the floatation hitch and when hedge cutting you might not, without having to dismount and remount depending the job. One flail mower has the option of being used in both ways.

Angle adapter

Angle adapter

When it comes to hedge cutting sometimes customers find themselves of not being able to stretch the boom fully when they’re cutting hedges. The reason there is they might have a very restricted passage. Now if you cannot stretch your boom fully obviously you cannot put the flail in a vertical position. You will struggle to cut the hedges adequately and hold the flail mower head perpendicular to the ground. One solution that we have is to supply customers with an angle adapter. 

With the angle adapter, the mounting bracket doesn’t fit flat on flail mower, sitting instead at an angle. This means that you have more ’tilting angle’ from the very beginning so that, even if the boom of the digger isn’t fully stretched, the flail can be lifted up perpendicular to the ground and therefore the hedge can also be cut at its lower part. Again, this is a system that is optional and that can be fitted but can also be easily removed. In this way, if you don’t need it on all the time you can unbolt the angle adapter and just put the bracket bolted on top of the flail as usual.

NB: The information shared here obviously applies not only to flail mowers and mulchers but to other attachments like post drivers, log grabs, tree shears …

We really hope this has been helpful 🙂 but if you need any clarifiactions or more info we’re happy to answer any questions.

Message us at

or give us a call on 01524 242414 / 07580134445

Another blog post you don’t want to miss

3 ways to choose the right flail mower

Top 3 factors for choosing the right mulcher

When it comes to choosing mulchers does it seem like a daunting task? Well we’re going to help you clear it up right here and now so read on!

Choosing mulchers

When it comes to choosing mulchers or flail mowers for excavators there are many different options: standard, reversible, forestry … you name it! It is crucial to consider which flail is the right one for YOUR machine.

To do this let’s look at 3 important factors:

  1. The weight of the flail
  2. How much oil the flail demands
  3. Which blades would be best for the job
Choosing mulchers

The weight of the flail – You don’t want a flail that’s too heavy at the end of your boom. When you operate an excavator with a flail or a mulcher you are usually working on uneven ground and you want to be able to reach out no matter where you are. If you are cutting hedges or clearing an area you want a digger stable in any situation when you operate the flail, without unbalancing your machine or the need for counter weights. So, for example, for a 2.5 Ton digger the machine we recommend is our LS3-800 which weighs 150kg.

Flow control valve

How much oil the flail demands – When it comes to oil supply the aim is to have a machine that is run properly by the excavator. A slightly smaller flail mower that you can power at 100% of its capacity is preferable to a bigger/wider flail that runs instead at only 70% of its capacity. What you gain in cutting width you lose in performance as your digger can not power properly – it slows and the cutting ability is diminished. The flow control valve, fitted with every flail we supply, deals with back pressure or with excess of pressure.

Various blade types

Chose the right blades for the job – Depending on what you need to do, you chose which blades are required. This is why we prefer to have a conversation with our customers so that we can supply them with the right blades for their job. The 2 standard types for smaller flails are Y-shape blades and hammer blades. Y-shape blades are best for leaving a clean cut for neater hedgerows, whilst hammer blades are for more heavy duty, robust clearing. When it comes to flails and mulchers for bigger excavators (6 Ton or more) we also have the possibility of fitting a forestry rotor with swing mallets or with fixed teeth.

If you want to see our post about mounting brackets click here

If you need any assistance or have any questions we’re here to help. Message us at

or give us a call on 01524 242414 / 07580134445

Great Yorkshire Show 2019

Looking back at the summer, this trade show was a big highlight! Here’s a collection of photos from the 3 days. It was our first time there as exhibitors and it definitely didn’t disappoint. As a family business we just loved the buzz of this family friendly show. The sun shone kindly too ? Loads of our hydraulic attachments on show including the big boys forestry mulchers and concrete mixing buckets. Looking forward to next year already!

Plantworx 2019

This trade show is a definite must for visitors and exhibitors alike, but boy does the weather give us the run around every time! If you were there you know what we’re talking about. However as usual it was a great success despite the conditions. Check out our photos 🙂

We were blessed with a bit of rain!

We’re delighted to introduce our New Agents

We’re excited to announce that, joining the Robustrack team, are two experienced agents from the Hydraulic Attachment and Agricultural Machinery sector.

Meet Neil Critchon, our new Scottish Region Sales Agent, and Paul Clayton our East Midlands Sales Agent.

Neil Critchon – Scotland

Neil joins us with a wealth of experience, having previously worked in a dealership before moving into sales. He has worked for Vapormatic, Malgar, Finning CAT and most recently Kuhn Farm Machinery and will be covering the whole of Scotland.

When Neil isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his family and their labrador, and motorcycling. You can contact him on 07817 600647 or

Paul Clayton – Robustrack Head Office

Paul trained as an agricultural engineer and then worked for many years in commercial lorry yards, and later agricultural dealer workshops. When the opportunity arose to move into sales he was able to utilise his technical background to offer the best solutions to customers. Paul has a strong track record in agricultural machinery sales, and in the last 15 years moved into waterways and hedgerow maintenance large equipment sales.

Pauls’ hobbies include historic racing and track days with his Austin cars, fabricated and built by himself. 

Based in Lincolnshire, Paul covers parts of the East Midlands, and can be reached on 07753 386859 or

Of course you can still contact us directly on 01524 242414 or

Cumbria Family Business Award 2019

We did it again!

Robustrack was shortlisted as finalist for the 2019 edition of the Cumbria Family Business Award.

After winning the 2018 award “Going Places”, we’re delighted to have been chosen, considering the very strong competition, for the final stage of the Cumbria Family Business Awards 2019 again.

Our category is Agriculture, Forestry and Farming.

Wishing good luck to all the other great family businesses that have made the final. We are really excited now for the big event at the Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa on Windermere on March 8th (below some photos of last year’s incredible evening).

We will keep you posted!

Scotplant 2018

Scotplant – Definitely worth it!


Hydraulic attachment at Scotplant

Scotland’s top construction trade show is a bi-annual event. 2016 was Robustrack’s first time exhibiting and it was a blast! We’re accustomed to frequently having to manage some nasty weather conditions at other outdoor events, so Edinburgh certainly gave us a treat with lots of sunshine and warmth.

The quality of exhibition space, the exhibitors and of course the visitors were really fantastic. Dave, our Director from Italy, had fun getting to grips with the Scottish accent thanks to the patient, lovely visitors to our stand.

So of course we’re now really looking forward to this weekend and will be packing our sunglasses and suncream 🙂

We’ll have our hydraulic excavator attachments on show including flail mowers, hedge cutters, cement mixing buckets and pile drivers. This is a great opportunity to not only see the attachments in the ‘flesh’ but to ask any in-depth questions of our on-site team.

Dates for your dairy (not so far away!)  Friday 20th and Saturday 21st April Avenue B Stand 5 – Scotplant 2018, Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston.

Remember – we’re on AVENUE B STAND 5 – come and say hi!

ScotPlant 2018

Rosslyn Park National Sevens Rugby

Rosslyn Park Rugby Sevens

Rosslyn Park National Sevens Rugby

Robustrack is immensely proud to have sponsored local school QES (Kirkby Lonsdale) at Rosslyn Park National School Rugby Sevens Tournament, the world’s largest school rugby tournament! With 160 teams taking part from around the UK and beyond the Queen Elizabeth School lads had a tough draw. Sedbergh School and Warwick School were both in their group with their great rugby traditions and reputations, but the QES boys came away second in their group beating Warwick. Sedbergh went on to win the whole tournament. Being part of this impressive event was indeed a fantastic experience for the lads! Their flamboyant kit, which was designed by the team, won the ‘best kit of the tournament’ award!

Rosslyn Park Rugby SevensRosslyn Park Rugby SevensRosslyn Park Rugby SevensRosslyn Park Rugby SevensRosslyn Park Rugby Sevens Rosslyn Park Rugby Sevens

Here’s what their coach, Dan Williams, had to say:

“After an indifferent start the boys found a deep unity and resilience to find the form that has led them to 2 bowl finals and a shield already this year. We had a very tough group with rugby powerhouses Sedbergh and Warwick providing extremely tough competition. Sedbergh certainly showed their class, but that inspired us to reach hidden depths. With a confident win against Wallington we faced Warwick in our final game and through sheer determination and pride turned the performance into a huge group upset and walked off winners against a school that defaulting reach the national rugby finals every year. That was enough to secure 2nd in the group behind Sedbergh which will always be something for the boys to feel extremely proud about.”

Rosslyn Park Rugby Sevens Rosslyn Park Rugby Sevens


Here a little information about the tournament.

“From its humble beginning in 1939, the Rosslyn ParkNational Schools Sevens has evolved into the world’s largest school rugby tournament with some 7,000 boys and girls aged 13 – 18 competing annually.” 

It has been held every year since 1939, becoming one of the oldest continuous tournaments.

Originally it was a knock-out competition for public schools but as interest grew it was extended to include grammar, comprehensive and preparatory schools. The format was also changed into pool groups so that no “junior” school played fewer than three matches and no “senior” school fewer then four.

Cumbria Family Business Award 2018

Robustrack Cumbria Family Business Awards

Yes we did it!

Robustrack picked up the ‘Going Places’ prize at Cumbria Family Business Award 2018

Officially ‘Going places!’. We’re delighted to have been amongst the winners at last friday’s fantastic event.

Thanks to the organisers and sponsors for an amazing event.

The whole process was enlightening, beneficial and fun!

Well done to the whole Robustrack team (including our customers – who are the best!)