Robustrack guide to: Coupling sizes

We pride ourselves at Robustrack on supplying our attachments ready to ‘plug and play’. This means they come complete with bracket, pipes and couplings to suit your machine. We have posted previously with a guide to brackets. Now lets look at hydraulic coupling sizes!

All Robustrack attachments can be supplied with pipes with couplings; we just need to know what couplings you need to plug into your excavator auxiliary lines.

Flat faced couplings come in male and female pairs. The male is designed to fit inside its female counterpart forming a connection between two ends of hose.

You will have couplings at the end of the lines on your digger boom which the hoses of your new Robustrack attachment need to connect to in order to receive a flow of oil. To ensure the fit, our workshop need to know what size couplings to send you. We hold 1/4″ to 1″, male and female, flat faced couplings in stock and can order other sizes and types where required.

To measure your couplings you must measure across the face;


For female couplings the measurement should be taken of the inner circle, where the male would connect. For the male coupling the measurement can be taken edge to edge.

Once the measurement has been taken it can be converted into the coupling body size using the chart below (note the examples below are all male);


We’ve put together a simple video guide to help you but if you need any further help please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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