Robustrack guide to: Hitch measurements

Getting your hitch measurements right is essential. We want your new attachment to fit your machine like a glove and working at its optimum the moment it arrives with you.

We ask that you complete an order form after placing your order that secures your place in our production pipeline. By including your required hitch dimensions our workshop team can fabricate a bracket to suit your machine and attach it to your purchased attachment.

There are 4 measurements we need:

A: Front pin diameter

B: Distance between the pins

C: Back pin diameter

D: Width between the ears

If you need a specialist hitch for a different machine such as a telehandler, skid steer or Avant/Multi One that isn’t a problem – just let us know on your order form.

With 2 fully equipped workshops and a team of coded welders we have the capacity to make custom orders and hitches and offer repair work. Please call and speak to Shaun on 07500 744834 for more details and a quotation.

Most of our customer just require a standard hitch with either welded or removable pins and so all we need are the measurements.

Here’s Shaun with another helpful guide on taking your hitch measurements:

YouTube player

If you need any further information or help please do give us a call on 01524 242414