Robustrack at Bauma and CPA!

Robustrack marks another debut at CPA Hire Conference and Bauma 2022

It’s the beginning on what’s set to be a busy time for Robustrack. After a hectic summer we were all but ready to hang up our show boots until 2023 but a couple of extra-special opportunities mean we are holding out for a few weeks more.
We are incredibly fortunate and excited to have the opportunities of attending our first hire conference as new members of the CPA, as well as having a presence at Bauma 2022! 

Robustrack Hire

Listening to our customers’ needs is integral to the Robustrack business model and the sales team reported that more and more of our customers were finding the need for short term use of attachments.

As operators and contractors extended their service offerings to their own clientele it created the need of having a greater range of attachments available to do the specific jobs required. Excavators have moved on a lot since the days of being just an over-sized shovel and many owners and operators now boast a swiss-army knife style range of attachments to equip their machine to tackle any type of job. Now a single contractor can clear your land, grind a stump out, dig a drain, pitch a fence and clear up afterwards all from the comfort of their cab, with minimal manpower. Having such a portfolio of attachments to hand is a costly job however, and whilst a tree clearing job with a tree shear is a great money maker, they may only come along once or twice a year amongst other jobs. In an economy where every penny counts it may not be ideal to have your assets sitting in the yard until the job comes along. So what about hiring in the tool for the job? 

Robustrack heard the plea and decided to respond with a full fleet of attachments, ready to ship out for short (or long) term work. 

CPA Conference 2022

To support this, we are now affiliated members of the CPA. The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) is the leading membership and representative body for construction plant-hire in the UK. On Thursday 20th October, Davide and Aimee will be representing Robustrack with an exhibit at the CPA conference, at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre in Fillongley near Coventry. We have, for many years, supplied attachments into major hire fleets and so we hope that this event will help further support our ability to do this, as well as developing and strengthening our own hire range.
The event is an essential entry in the calendar for those working in the plant-hire sector. Delegate tickets can be booked online at
If you are at the event, do pop into the exhibition marquee during lunch and come for a chat.
For more information on our attachments for hire please check out the website or call one of our sales team on 01524 242414.

Bauma 2022

Dave then flies across to Germany, to represent Robustrack at Bauma. He is taking our unique rail attachment the Articulator™ which is kindly being displayed on our supplier, Malaguti SRL’s stand, C5. 313. We’re very lucky to have Tim Dean of Dean Equipment, designer and patent holder of the Articulator™, with us on the stand as well.
The Articulator™ multi-handler attachment is now working across Europe, with units in France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and beyond. It’s unique design continues to offer more functionality than other multihandlers and it has recently been awarded its design patent. 
Bauma is the world’s largest trade fair in the construction industry and it is a privilege to be able to attend, showcase a product, and support many of our suppliers. It will be a fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues in the sector, many of whom it has been difficult to see over the last few years due to the Covid pandemic. The Bauma event takes place 24th October- 30th October 2022, in Messe, München. Davide will be there from Wednesday 26th onwards and is looking forward to what promises to be an unforgettable event.

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Gary Bowyer


A great company to do business with. They went the extra mile to contact me about my machine and requirements.

Martin Bond


My LS3-800 flail is indestructible! Really happy to highly recommend Robustrack - their attachments, service and overall friendly approach.

John Longden


Great people to deal with. Very happy with the aluminium loading ramps. Thanks!

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