Articulator™ OLE Mast Manipulator

A British innovation, designed specifically for OLE installation work, the the Articulator™ a unique manipulating, manoeuvring and rotating attachment ideal for Rail, civil engineering, pipeline and much more with an impressive 5 Ton lift.

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Introducing the Articulator™ a unique manipulating, manoeuvring and rotating attachment ideal for Rail, civil engineering, pipeline and much more. With Network Rail’s commitment to help the UK achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and the promise to deliver an ambitious, sustainable, and cost- effective programme of electrification, the Articulator™ is situated perfectly to help achieve this with the capability of saving time, money, machine and man power in OLE installation.

Designed for safe and precise OLE installation, the innovative Articulator™ offers a fast and effective method of lifting, rotating and placing steel masts into position without the need of ropes or slings. The Articulator™ saves on time as well as on man power with all controls operational from the cab and is Network Rail Approved.

With an impressive maximum lift of 5T and four uniquely adjustable feet and telescopic legs, the Articulator™ 5000 can adjust to various changes in width and size, yet remain sturdy and safe. It also has the capability to hold tapered structures. The Articulator™ really is one of a kind with the ability to manoeuvre and rotate, but not limited, to the following:

-Concrete Pipes
-H Beams
All substrates and materials up to 795mm diameter, and 20m in length become easy to handle. With impressive time, cost and health and safety benefits. The Articulator™ 5000 has been design-engineered to handle multiple, complex, weighty structures. The Articulator™ 5000 is a British Innovation from former Sandhurst owner Tim Dean. It is Network Rail Approved and has been acclaimed by industry professionals for its potential impact on safety, time and costs of projects across a range of applications in the rail, construction, utilities, mining, pipework and telecoms sectors. A unique central ram has 5-6 Ton of pushing force to secure the load and act as a failsafe mechanism.
If you are interested in the Articulator™ we are able to offer units for demo or hire. For more information please give us a call or fill n the enquiries form.




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