PB501B Post Driver

PB 501B post driver is suitable for excavators 10-20 Ton and has a vibrating force of 9000kg for post and pile driving in construction, forestry and agricultural applications.

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Post driver attachment PB501B is compatible with a wide range of excavators and loaders and are ideal for a range of landscaping, forestry and construction jobs including driving wooden and concrete posts for fences, photovoltaic systems, barriers and agricultural projects. Our excavator mounted post drivers are essential for work on uneven ground where getting the required force at the desired angle is problematic. Other benefits of having a post driver include being able to use one machine to complete the whole job, from picking up, positioning and driving the post without having to leave the machine. The vibration technology used by our pile drivers does not compromise the integrity of the post material like other traditional/hammer style drivers. The standard set up comes with the bottom vibration plate with cup customised to the size and material required to drive and with the post clamp attachment. Optional: Rubber clamp pads, fork for wood/cement pole transport, hydraulic pincher (for use with Larssen sheet etc) mounting bracket with welded or removable pins, pipes and couplings




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Gary Bowyer


A great company to do business with. They went the extra mile to contact me about my machine and requirements.

Martin Bond


My LS3-800 flail is indestructible! Really happy to highly recommend Robustrack - their attachments, service and overall friendly approach.

John Longden


Great people to deal with. Very happy with the aluminium loading ramps. Thanks!

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