Eurocomach 25ZT

The Eurocomach 25ZT, zero tail 2.5 Ton machine, with dedicated pump for the auxiliary line. In stock at Robustrack, UK exclusive dealers.

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The Eurocomach 25ZT is a compact mini excavator that punches above its weight category. With an unrivalled performance, comfort and efficiency, it comes with an extra, dedicated pump as standard.  This supplies the auxiliary line of the excavator so it can power attachments without losing power elsewhere making it an incredibly useful machine to have at your disposal. The 25ZT, zero tail, can rotate inside its own track width, even when the cab door is open. Thanks to the real zero tail, the operator does not need to check the manoeuvre space during excavation operations.  The operator has full control at his fingertips: For quick and easy machine operation, the tilting controls and auxiliary hydraulic system controls are located on the joysticks. It’s extremely compact dimensions make this excavator your best ally for all your working needs. The 25ZT has been cleverly designed to have a compact size and overall weight below 2.5 Ton making the machine suitable for loading on a trailer. As such it is possible to transport a complete range of equipment and accessories. Another design element that distinguishes the Eurocomach ZT is the integration of the fuel tank into the rear ballast which allows the installation of a spacious but still compact cabin. This makes it a unique machine in its category. The ergonomic driver seat includes servo assisted controls, wrist rests and motion levers with closing pedals. The foot rest pedals give the operator greater stability during the different work stages, especially when working on slopes. The 25ZT has two motion modes: first gear with reduced speed and high thrust force and second speed with greater transfer speed. Everything is controlled by a practical button above the backfill blade lever. Motion can be controlled using the advancement lever and integrated folding pedals that, once closed, increase the space available to the operator and prevent accidental use. The foot board flush with the door makes for step less exit from the cab and facilitates floor cleaning operations. It was designed to be easily removable to carry out any inspections or checks. The cabin, with its generous interior dimensions, offers some of the best interior space in its class. The large width of the access door makes it easy to climb in and out. The front windshield with assisted lift promotes maximum visibility due to its considerable width. The adjustable suspension seat combined with the floating cabin, adequately dampens vibrations and bumps, maximizing operator comfort. The cab version is also equipped with a glove compartment, a battery charger and a predisposition for the auto radio. This model can be equipped with four upright roll-bar protection or cab. The choice allows unmatched versatility: minimum footprint for maximum performance.  Auto two speed: When the excavator needs more thrust force, the automatic speed transmission intervenes, reducing the motion ratio. For quick and easy machine operation, the tilting controls and auxiliary hydraulic system controls are located on the joysticks. The position and design of the cab were designed to offer the operator the greatest possible visibility of all areas around the machine and the work area. Quick and easy tipping of the cab gives easy access to the distributor and the main components of the hydraulic system: just a few gestures for major added value.





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