MB HDS 307 Shaft Screener Demo

The weather recently has been pretty dire! However, amidst a sudden and unexpected break in the clouds this week, Claire and Shaun seized the opportunity to venture out and evaluate some of our attachments. Naturally, we wouldn’t expect you to make a purchase without us having tested them out firsthand!

Here are their impressions of the MB HDS 307 shaft screener, a machine currently available on our hire fleet and for purchase:

“I was genuinely excited to try out the HDS 307. Having previously installed many of the two-shaft versions of these machines on sales, demo and hire, which performed exceptionally well, I had high expectations for the triple-shaft machine – and I wasn’t disappointed!” – Shaun.

In the realm of construction and demolition, efficiency is paramount. The MB-HDS range of Shaft Screening Buckets stands out as a game-changer, tailored for excavators weighing between 2 to 40 tons. Crafted with precision and innovation, this cutting-edge tool is designed to revolutionise material processing on-site. The HDS 307 is specifically designed for diggers with an operating weight ranging from 2.5 to 5 tons.

“The machine was straightforward to get to grips with,” explained Claire. “We had a 35mm pin bracket in stock that suited the machine, so we bolted that on before leaving the yard. Upon arrival at the site, attaching the digger’s quick hitch to the pins of the bracket was a breeze, followed by plugging in the feed and return hoses. The attachment was then ready for use!”

At the core of the HDS 307 shaft screening bucket design lies a strategic shape that facilitates the seamless movement of material towards its rotating shafts, ensuring unparalleled productivity. Positioned cleverly at the center of the machine, the coupler’s connection sits lower than the rest of the structure, alleviating stress on the frame and enhancing maneuverability and precision during material processing. With three shaft rotors, the HDS 307 offers increased productivity and efficiency compared to the two-rotor equivalent.

“The first material we screened was a sub-base aggregate of mixed size,” said Shaun. “The bucket loaded easily in one scoop and effectively screened everything smaller than 20mm out at the bottom, leaving the larger pieces of stone in the bucket to be tipped out into a separate pile. Each load held about 80kg of material and took under a minute to filter through.”

“We didn’t encounter any issues with stones getting lodged in the rotors,” continued Claire. “A gentle shake of the bucket helped move any material stuck at the top through the rotors. It processed quickly and efficiently. I was impressed with the separation achieved.”

Protection is paramount, and the MB-HDS range excels in safeguarding its integral components. Encased within fixed covers, the gears remain shielded from abrasive materials such as sand and dirt, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, welded covers behind the machine fortify bolts and side casings, providing an extra layer of defense against wear and tear.

“Next, we moved on to some topsoil. Due to months of non-stop rain saturating the soil, our expectations weren’t high”, admitted Shaun. “Although the wet material was more challenging and slower to process, we did manage to obtain finely screened soil. It would be faster and more productive on dry soil as it was a bit too claggy.”

Maintenance is made effortless with on-site servicing capabilities. Equipped with a shaft holder, operators can seamlessly replace shafts without the need for costly downtime. Optional extras, including the RQ8-50 Sifting Kits for soil sifting and aeration, the RM Mixer Kit for versatile material processing, the RE8/RE16 Fine Sifting Kits for precision screening, and the RC Compost Kit for organic waste shredding, further enhance the bucket’s adaptability to diverse job requirements.

By repurposing materials on-site, the MB-HDS screening bucket eliminates the need for waste removal and external processing. “I can see how it will make things a lot cheaper, simpler, and environmentally friendly! It is obvious why it has been a popular attachment on our hire fleet and why many hirers have gone on to buy,” Claire summarised.

What shall we test next?!?

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