Snow blades ready to hit the winter

Will winter 2015 be snowy?

If it turns out to be Robustrack professional snow plough LSA Series are ready to action! 

Robustrack snow plough

We are now distributing heavy duty hydraulic snow blades produced in Italy with a horizontal self levelling system, antishock system with clip return and double effect cylinders for hydraulical left-right angolation.

Not all the snow ploughs are the same and when it comes to using it the quality of the snow blades make a big difference: that’s why our snow ploughs are able to deliver exceptionally good results  in any type of scenario. A wide range of sizes make our snow blades perfect both for whatever type of road area that needs clearing of snow: from small country lanes to standard roads, to very large areas such as airports and car parks.

Click here for more info and for the specs.


Robustrack Team