Reversible Hedgecutter Robustrack LS1-600

Our “baby” hedgecutter LS1-600 grows up: now Reversible

New to the UK: Robustrack Ltd is now distributing a reversible version of the much loved hedgecutter LS1-600 for micro and mini diggers.


Optimizing costs / work time for our customers is top of our priority list, whilst still aiming to maintain an excellent level of service: customers must be happy and jobs need be completed as quickly as possible. Standand flail mower heads have a cutting direction: you cut, you lift the hedgecutter, move back and start again, which means that you are only cutting half of the time. Robustrack LS1-600 R flail mower head can cut in both directions shortening cutting time.

Robustrack flail mower LS1-600 Reversible

The hedgecutter is symmetrical therefore can  be operated from left to right and vice versa: super efficient and extra fast.

The position of the blades on the rotor guarantees a perfect cut without needing to changed the spinning direction of the rotor.

This hedge cutter fits standard Y shaped blades to cut grass, brambles and hedges up to 2 inches.

This hedgecutter can be operated with excavators from 1.2 to 2 Ton. For bigger machines we have a full range of reversible hedgecutters up to 35 Ton.

TIP OF THE DAY – If you are involved in motorway maintenance here’s one extra reason, in addition to efficiency, for you to love our reversible flail mower heads: they reduce the amount of time the excavator has to move against the flow of the traffic !!

Robustrack Hedgecutter LS1-600 Reversible

WITH OR WITHOUT MOUNTING  BRACKET ? Our flail mower heads can be supplied with the mounting bracket ( two pins or quick hitch) but if you have already a spare one we will supply the hedgecutter without.