Different blades for different hedge cutters: knives or hammer blades ?

Our flail mower heads can stand up to all sorts of challenges.

They are very effective when cutting overgrown grass, ideal for clearing brambles, and the perfect tool for hedge cutting, even when the hedge looks like a tree branch.

But for every challenge you need the right equipment.

Robustrack flail mower LS1-600 Reversible

If you mostly need to cut grass and brambles the best choise is a flail mower head fitted with knives, or Y shape blades. They are more of a knife and less of a mulcher and they leave a very clean cut and a much tidier looking finishing. But the Y shape blades can also be used for light hedges and they can cut branches up to 2 inches (some of our customers use them to cut much thicker things but we don’t recommend it!!) The knives are standard fitting for the LS1 series of hedgecutter, for mini diggers from 1,5 to 2 Ton, but can be used with flail mower heads up to 1200 mm for machines up to 16 Tons.

hedgecutter hammer blades

However very often our customers need to have more “cutting power” to deal with thicker branches, or simply don’t want to worry about what they are going to hit when they clear an area or they cut hedges. For this type of use we offer the flail mower head fitted with hammer blades. They can cut up branches up to 4 inches, but they can also cut everything the Y shaped blades can do (grass, brambles, briars and bushes). The good news is that Y shape blades (knives) and hammer blades are interchangeble, which means that, for example, if one of our customers bought the hedgecutter with hammer blades, but he wins a contract where he needs to deliver a “cleaner cut”, he can simply remove the hammer blades and install the knives and vice versa.

Forestry flail mower detail

And when the going gets tough the tough get going: for heavy duty or forestry use the retractible hammer blades become the ultimate solution to cut up to 8 inches. The target of this solution is obviously intensive users within the forestry/woods enviroment. The machines abe to use such cutting power are at least 8 Ton machines, and up to 16 Ton.  For bigger machines the hedgecutter can be fitted with a piston engine that deals with machines that generate high hydraulic pressure.

So whatever the job Robustrack has got the solution for you.

If you have an queries call David who will be happy to answer any of your questions.