Italian Demolition and Recycling at Robustrack


Having been successful suppliers of demolition equipment for a number of years (see our Simex screen bucket) Robustrack is expanding what we can offer to the industry.

ITALY is a famed producer of attachments for DEMOLITION, sorting, scrap handling and RECYCLING tasks. With our STRONG ITALIAN ROOTS and dedication to bringing the very best Italian Equipment to the UK market, Robustrack have teamed up with Trevi Benne, a global leading company in the demolition, recycling, earthmoving, mining and forestry sectors.

Italian Army Trevi Benne

Trevi Benne has been manufacturing and selling attachments and tools for earth moving equipment since 1992, dealing in three major product lines:

  • equipment for DEMOLITION, HANDLING and RECYCLING, including pulverisers, crushers, multi kit processors, metal shears, screening and crushing buckets
  • a full range of DIGGING and LOADING BUCKETS , standard and reinforced, for excavators and loaders, rear and front quick couplers; for QUARRYING and MINING industry for excavators up to 500 (yes 500!) Ton
  • a line dedicated to the FORESTRY sector for tree felling, cutting and volume reduction of logs.

This equipment is TRULY MAGNIFICENT – both is SIZE and PERFORMANCE. For example, the MK Series of multi-kit universal pulverisers, with their pre-historic appearance, make short work of demolition jobs.

With an IMPACT BOOSTER valve that multiplies the power of the machine and 6 different jaw options that can be interchanged in a few minutes the MK Series is a strong, powerful and efficient machine and one of TREVI BENNE’S best selling attachments.

Trevi Benne MK series

As a family owned company since its founding, Trevi Benne holds the same values as we do for high quality products and service and we are very happy to be able to offer the FULL RANGE of Trevi Benne products for supply in the UK.

So whether you are doing some heavy duty forestry, tearing down buildings, crushing concrete or chopping steel we have the attachment for you.

This is truly an exciting range of products to be involved with – although we may need a bigger van!

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