Hydraulic Magnets for Excavators & Cranes

Hydraulic Magnet

Our Hydraulic Magnets manufactured and produced by Gauss Magneti; increase productivity, optimise storage areas, and reduce logistics cost. A compact all-in-one unit, for heavy duty steel and iron handling. The electromagnet includes a hydraulic generator and controller, making the unit extremely easy and quick to install/uninstall, allowing you to have just one magnet for several machines.


Hydraulic Magnet


Compact. Easy Installation.

The Hydraulic Magnet is easy to fit and can be hooked either on the excavator boom or attachment by means of chains. Alternatively it can be attached to the boom with a mounting bracket specific to your machine.

Hydraulic Magnet


Straight Forward. Speed.

The functions mag and de-mag are hydraulically controlled by simply switching ON and OFF the hydraulic oil flow of the machine. You do not need any electrical connections. The required hydraulic flow is taken from the attachment’s supply line or any other service line for example breaker, tilt bucket line or rotator line. The magnet is magnetized when the hydraulic oil flows through the generator, and demagnetized when the hydraulic oil flow is cut off. The controller provides an automatic counter-excitation that make the releasing of the material, super quick.


Hydraulic Magnet


Maximum Quality.

  • Magnetic separation systems: maximize the value of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in recycling facilities.
  • Minimize waste and reduce pollution.
  • Can also be supplied with teeth.
  • Design: tailor-made for customer needs, optimizing performance. 
  • Strategic and technological innovation.


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