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Reuse, Recycle, and Reclaim: The Modern Demolition Landscape.

In today’s world, demolition has emerged as a growing industry, demanding both expertise and the appropriate machinery with excavators and hydraulic attachments at the front line. The demolition process typically involves destruction, breaking down, or removal, and specifically the dismantling of a building. This meticulous process occurs when a structure reaches the end of its life span or serviceability, relying on pre-planning and controlled demolition techniques.

Within the demolition industry, excavators are the go-to equipment, armed with the right tools for the task at hand. These machines play a pivotal role in carefully executing demolition projects.


Environmental responsibility is a core concern for many demolition companies. They actively contribute to safeguarding the surrounding environment in two primary way: controlling contamination and promoting recycling. In doing so, they take into account various factors, including the building’s location, the predominant building materials, the purpose of the demolition, and the appropriate management of resulting debris. Recycling, in particular, occupies a central place in the decision-making process. The removal of demolished materials from the site is crucial, and the optimal outcome involves recycling these materials whenever possible.


Demolition with a high-reach arm is the go-to method when dealing with buildings taller than roughly 66 feet. In this approach, you’ve got a base machine, often an excavator, equipped with an elongated demolition arm made up of three sections or a telescopic boom. Down at ground level, the excavator gets to work using the same hydraulic attachments on the lower portions of the project.

Hydraulic attachments

Now, at the business end of that excavator arm, you’ve got demolition tools or hydraulic attachments – think pulverisers or shears – and they’re tasked with breaking down the building from the top down. This machine handles the big chunks, while a dedicated crew on the ground takes care of breaking them down further and sorting them out for proper disposal.

The whole point of this method? Well, it’s all about safely and cost-effectively salvaging as much primary (reusable) and secondary (recyclable) material as possible.

Hydraulic attachments on excavators are the Swiss army knife on a demolition project.

Robustrack range

At Robustrack, we offer a diverse range of hydraulic attachments suitable for all types of excavators for both demolition and recycling: grapples, pulverisers, scrap shears, breakers, concrete cutters, demolition sorting grabs, crusher buckets, screening buckets, dipper extension arms and magnets.

Pulverisers methodically extract steel from reinforced concrete.

Hydraulic shears cut scrap metal into a manageable size.

Selector grabs and clamshell buckets are frequently used in demolition and for material sorting afterwards. (MB Selector grabs can be used as clamshell buckets with the clamshell kit accessory).

Hydraulic breakers or cutters may be used on foundations and concrete structures.

Steel and glass is recycled, with steel being sold to a steel recycling plant, while combustible materials are crushed and utilized for energy generation. 

Demolition rubble is crushed on site or in a terminal so that it can be used for backfilling or landscaping.

Crusher buckets take care of the crushing of masonry and brick material, as well as concrete. Crushed concrete can be used on a jobsite as backfill for a new building or it can be transported away for use elsewhere.

Hydraulic magnets are employed for both metal separation from debris and for loading purposes.

Screening buckets deal with material that has been through the crusher, separating materials. Any metal still remaining in the material is collected by magnets.

To find out more about SHAFT SCREENING BUCKETS visit our recent blog.

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