Extensions at Robustrack

With thanks to The Rural Development Programme For England: Growth Programme: Project reference: 114250

We are incredibly grateful to The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development for their support and investment in our extension project.

Not so long ago we use to fabricate and store all our products in this small unit. With growth within the company we needed to move the fabrication to additional units on site and the project to extend this unit began.

The project hasn’t been without its set backs and supply chain issues and adverse winter weather did their very best to hold things up and generally make the builder’s lives difficult!

However, with lots of hard work and dedication things finally started to take shape and Callum happily got his racking in order!

It isn’t just the attachments that have benefitted from more space! With conversion of the mezzanine area the marketing department have branched out into their own office meaning they can run wild with creative flow! It has also provided us with a private meeting room for those occasions required.

It is a great addition to the offices and has allowed everyone to have more working space; it was beginning to feel a little cluttered and overcrowded. This has had a huge impact on everyone’s health and wellbeing.

The project has been a huge success and we are already benefitting from its impact. We know that it is going to continue to help us provide great sales and service to our customers and meet the ever increasing demands on the company. We are excited to continue to develop the space over the next few months. Look out for updates!

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