Excavator and Wheel loader Onboard weighing system

Bucket onboard Weighing

Pegasus 2 is the ultimate onboard weighing system from Dinamica Generale for excavators and wheel loaders.

Whether you are loading a truck with the wheel loader or lifting bales with the front loader of your tractor 2 is able to detect and display the weight of what you are loading, the total amount already loaded and the quantity still to be loaded.

The Pegasus2 system uses pressure sensors to measure changes in hydraulic pressure that are directly proportional to the load being lifted. The output of the pressure sensor is interpreted and shown on the display.

onboard weighing front loaderThe LCD display shows the individual lift weights and cumulative total by material or truck.

No more overloads or time wasting when you pick up more material then necessary: the two sensors fitted on the hydraulic system detect the pressure variation and the display in the cabin shows the operator the precise amount. excavator onboard weighing The user friendly interface makes loading the precise amount a routine job, is great for the business (saving you money instead of giving away valuable goods) and is good for safety (yours and others). Easy to install and easy to set up. The information collected with the Pegasus 2 wheel loaders weighing system can be managed with the Pegasus Trace Software or can be exported in excel/txt format or imported to any pre-existing management softwares. Wheel Loader weighing systemIf a receipt is required, a thermal printer can be interfaced to the system. Support service available. Professional installation recommended. Made in Italy.Dumper weighing system