Forestry tractor winches

Top quality, Italian made tractor winches are the latest addition to our range of products

Imported from Italy, these winches are strong and reliable with high-performance features to increase productivity

When it comes to tractor winches they must be robust, heavy duty and dependable. Which is why our tractor winches are so well recognised in the forestry sector. Here are some of the key features.

1. Winding and unwinding of the drum rope in line with the pulling direction

Advantage: The rope has a direct pull and doesn’t undergo 90° twisting typical of normal winches. This means a longer life for the rope and better winding of the rope on the drum.

2. Oil bath gear box

Advantage: Less power required from the tractor which works under less pressure and reduced noise.

3. Height adjustable pulley

Advantage: The operator can adjust the height of the pulley which increases the stability of the tractor, and promotes operator safety.

forestry tractor winches 4. Electro-hydraulic model: new valves block single unit with polypropylene oil tank and pump in oil bath

Advantage: Easy maintenance and cleaner hydraulic circuit.

5. Chain Tensioner

Advantage: No periodic chain tightening operations required.

Customer can choose between mechanical forestry tractor winches and hydraulic forestry tractor winches, with different pulling capacities. Please see below the different models available and the specs.

forestry tractor winches Specs

– Control board PTO driven
– Operator control box with 5m cable.  Remote control available as an option
– Automatic adjustable breaking system
– Height adjustable pulley
– Tool box
– Chainsaw housing 
– Axe housing
– Adjustable grid protection for improved operator safety
– Multidisk clutch
– Reversible feet
– Reinforced bottom blades
– Oil bath gear box
– Rewinding drum with direct pull
– Chain tensioner
– PTO Shaft 
– Robust chain lodging

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