Articulator™ – Multi-handler Articulator 5000


Design-engineered multi handler, the unique Articulator™

Introducing the Articulator™ a unique manipulating, manoeuvring and rotating attachment ideal for Rail, civil engineering, pipeline and much more.

With an impressive maximum lift of 5T and four uniquely adjustable feet and telescopic legs, the Articulator 5000 can adjust to various changes in width and size, yet remain sturdy and safe. It also has the capability to hold tapered structures.

Manipulate. Move. Rotate. 


Any Material. Any Substrate. 

The Articulator™ really is one of a kind with the ability to manoeuvre and rotate, but not limited, to the following:

  • Poles
  • Pipes
  • Concrete Pipes
  • Masts
  • Sections
  • H Beams

All substrates and materials up to 795mm diameter, and 20m in length become easy to handle.  With impressive time, cost and health and safety benefits. The Articulator 5000 has been design-engineered to handle multiple, complex, weighty structures.


articulator 5000


Articulator 5000 – Specs.

articulator 5000


  • A unique central ram has 5-6 Ton of pushing force to secure the load and act as a failsafe mechanism.
  • Responsive feet and telescopic legs
  • Manipulate, Manoeuvre and Rotate
  • Hydraulic adjustable stabiliser pad
  • Can hold irregular structures
  • Lifts up to 5T
  • Holds length of up to 20m
  • Widths up to 795mm

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