Trevi Benne PMZ Series

Trevi benne pmz
Trevi Benne PMZ series of Demolition and Sorting Grabs

Heavy duty jobs require heavy duty attachments and with the Trevi Benne PMZ series of selector grapples you can get even more out of your excavator.

This range of grapples can be used both for the demolition of medium-sized structures and for the handling, sorting and selection of various demolition, scrap and recycling waste and materials.


There are 10 models available, for excavators from 3.5 to 67 Ton.

Looking to make improvements on the previous PMG range, the brand new PMZ Series has been thoughtfully developed and designed and achieves enhancements in all aspects of performance and durability.


You can do far more with this grapple than just pick up material from the ground. With a STRONG and ROBUST Hardox body the PMZ range is capable of being used in the demolition and primary stripping works of low resistance buildings – selecting material directly from the structure itself.

The larger models are fitted with a 360° rotator (excluding PMZ 05, PMZ 08 and PMZ 09). This enables the PMZ Series to have the versatility and mobility to move around sites and work on those hard to access areas with POWER and PRECISION. A double motor within this means that pressure peaks are absorbed, preventing any disruption to performance.

Selecting and Handling

Ideal for handling stone, concrete, rubble, metal and wood the PMZ Series’ jaws are tough and durable. With an opening span ranging from 1400mm to 2800mm depending on the model, the jaws are reinforced with a heavy duty wear plate giving extra protection under heavy strain and repeated heavy use.

Trevi benne PMZ

The jaws have a mechanical stop for there safe operation and can come with a bolt-on reversible blade. There is also the opportunity to customise the grapple shell. The standard PMZ C version comes with closed grapple shells, whereas the the PMZ S version, available on request, has a grapple shell with ribs.

Trevi benne PMZ spec

For more information on the best options for your excavator please get in touch with one of our sales team on 015242 42414 or click the quote button below.

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TREVI BENNE have an extensive range of products for the construction, recycling, mining and forestry sectors. Their full catalogue is available from Robustrack. Please see our Trevi Benne product page for more details.