Trevi Benne MK Series

Trevi Benne MK Series
Trevi Benne MK Series for excavators from 6 Ton to 110 Ton.

The Trevi Benne MK Series is a versatile and innovative MULTI-FUNCTION PULVERISER and one of Trevi Benne’s best selling attachments for demolition. With the functionality to swap between 6 different jaw options on to the same body this attachment can go from a concrete pulveriser, to a metal shear and crusher within just a few minutes – or combine the lot in one!

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The MK Series is ideal for use in the demolition, construction and recycling industries where multi-material handling is required. This attachment alone can deal with a host of different mediums and tasks, including direct demolition of building structures, slicing through sheet metal and crushing through concrete.

Trevi Benne

Fixed to a 360° rotator, this attachment allows for precise and versatile navigation around site, able to position around walls and rubble with ease.

Each attachment consists of a main body of STRONG HARDOX 400 and is coupled to separate jaw options using an innovative hydraulic release system which allows for quick and easy change over without having to manually remove the structural pins.

Trevi benne MK

The jaws themselves are made from HARDOX HI TUF making them even more durable in tough conditions and the blades and teeth are interchangeable should they need replacing in time.

Jaw options include Pulverizer Kit FR, Combi Kit CB, Crusher Kit HC, Swiss Kit CH, Shear Kit CS and Metal sheet-Tanks Kit CL.

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For more information on the Trevi Benne MK Series please call a member of our sale team on 015242 42414 or click the link below;

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Trevi Benne have an extensive range of attachments for the Demolition, Recycling, Mining and Forestry sectors. For more information on their catalogue of equipment please see our page here.