Trevi Benne CS Series

Trevibenne CS Series


Trevi Benne CS Series are a range of metal shears that are designed for modern industrial demolition sites and for professionals in the recycling of scrap and ferrous materials. They are an ideal attachment for excavators in cutting and dismantling metal buildings and structures, beams, tanks, pipes and more.

There are 14 models in the series that cover a range of excavator weights from 1.5 to 310 Ton with jaw openings ranging from 265mm to 1,180mm.

Trevi Benne CS

The CS Series is manufactured with a HIGH PERFORMANCE combination of Hardox 400 in the main body and a Hardox HiTuf jaw, ideal for the heavy duty work expected of this magnificent and powerful attachment.

The cylinder stem is completely protected by the frame. This means better protection and much higher durability. It also allows better visibility for the operator as the attachment is all compact and contained within the body casing.

Reversible and adjustable blades and a wear protection plate within the jaws of the CS Series ensure a longer life, requiring less maintenance whilst still achieving a high performance cut.

The CS Series of Shears is direct mounted and rotates a full 360° giving you the full range of movement and versatility. Trevi Benne’s recycling range is perfect for crushing and selecting aggregates for the railway industry, recycling and trading of ferrous scrap and the handling, transporting and positioning of various kinds of material.

Features of the CS Series
  • cylinder with internal actuation
  • a fully protected flange
  • reversible and adjustable blades
  • wear protection plate
  • multiplier speed valve
  • manual regulation of the rotation speed
  • system adjustment of the play on the pin
  • reinforced thrust bearing system
  • 360° rotation
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Trevi Benne Demolition, Recycling, Mining and Forestry Ranges

If you would like more information on the Trevi Benne CS Series of metal shears then please get in touch and one of our sales team will be more than happy to help.

Trevi Benne have a range of equipment intended for the demolition, recycling, mining and forestry industries. For more on their product range see our page here to access the full catologue.

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