Tree shears for excavators 5 to 11 Ton

tree shear ST 250

High performance hydraulic energy cutter tree shears.

Robustrack tree shear power by AgriforestThe tree shear ST series is available in 2 versions: ST 200 for excavators 5 to 9 Ton, and ST 250 for excavators up to 11 Ton. For heavy duty forestry shears for excavators 9 – 35 ton please click here.

These tree shears are suitable for cutting and handling trees, branches and bushes along fields, river banks and forests. They are also ideal for maintaining forestry parks, the felling of trees in gardens, for clearing operations and for cutting biomass trees.

Our excavator tree shear grapple has a single ram system, two claws on each side and a fixed Hardox blade. The ST 200 is capable of cutting 20 cm in diameter and the ST 250, 25cm. The blade is replaceable and it is fixed to the body of the tree shear with 6 bolts.

The single ram system delivers a 26.5 Ton push to the blade making the most of the Hardox and its cutting power.

tree shear ST 250 RThe double claws on each side of the energy cutters are another winning point: they deliver increased stability, and therefore safety, when handling trees or branches immediately after cutting. The claws of the grabs are reinforced with extra steel to avoid bending and twisting.

As a result our tree shears are an efficient, fast and cost effective tool for first thinning, site management, embankment clearing and more.

The design of our tree shears makes it possible to cut a tree from its base, very close to the ground.

A bracket can be supplied either with the standard mounting plate sitting at a 90° angle or mounted at the top of the tree shear (R version). The standard bracket can be combined with a piston rotator: this is the perfect solution for all operators wanting to also use the tree shear as a pruner. 

ST-250-BIG Tree ShearST-250R-BIG Tree Shear


cpr9-01 baltrotors industrial rotatorWith the rotor the energy cutter can rotate allowing cuts at 360°: the piston rotator range is fit for any application where it is necessary to lift and turn in axial and radial charge.

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tree shear ST 250 R