Straw spreaders

cow bedding sawdust spreader

Telescopic or tractor sawdust spreaders for sawdust, wood shavings, rice husk and chopped straw mixed with hydrated calcium

The Robustrack range of chopped straw spreaders are available for any type of telescopic handlers or for tractors. They are the ideal tool for animal bedding with dry or moist material

cows bedding sawdust spreaderOur chopped straw spreaders can be supplied in 2 versions. The SPAND 36 is ‘where it all begins’: fitting the 3 point link of the tractor, it has a capacity of 3.6 m³ and easily delivers a uniform distribution of sawdust into cubicles.

The Spand 31 is the ‘development of the species’: it is the sawdust and chopped straw spreader for wheel loaders and telescopic handlers and has been developed to render the life of its user easier in 3 simple ways.

cows bedding sawdust spreader
  1. It is self loading which means that the loading phase happens effortlessly and very quickly (just scoop the sawdust up!)
  2. The sawdust or the straw is unloaded on the same side as the cab of the telescopic handler which means that the operator can easily control the distribution of the material modifying the position of the bucket for more precise bedding.
  3. The operator can adjust the quantity of sawdust, straw or chipping distributed directly from the cab, in real time, by simply increasing or decreasing the speed of the hydraulic motor of the bucket.
cow bedding sawdust spreader

But the real game changer is the dust reduction system fitted in each of our sawdust and straw spreaders: the turbine works without sucking in air dramatically reducing the amount of dust released during the spreading phase especially with very dry material.

When it comes to distributing wet or moist material an agitator kit can be fitted on the straw spreader: this ensure that the sawdust, straw or wood chipping keeps flowing to the distribution system and reduces possible cavities.







Hydraulic Req.


Min Loading


3,1 m³




700 Kg

200 bar-25 lt


1800 kg


3,6 m³




630 kg

200 bar-25 lt



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