Snow Ploughs

Snow Ploughs

Robustrack professional snow ploughs LSA Series

New to the UK: Robustrack Ltd is now distributing heavy duty hydraulic snow ploughs produced in Italy.

The horizontal self levelling system increases the performance of the snow blade that constantly works in line with the road surface.

Every snow plough is also fitted with an antishock system with clip return: this way potential obstacles such as manholes will not damage the blades.

The antishock system can be disabled and the rods can be fixed for burying works.

Another feature of our snow plough is the double effect cylinders for hydraulical angolation left-right: allowing the blade to continuosly follow the road surface gradient on which it’s operating.

Three different types of mounting brackets are available to operate the snow plough with any type of vehicle:

1. Standard excavator 2 pin mounting bracket bolted plates
2. Hydraulic lift for agricultural tractors
3. Excavator bolted plate and SSL universal linkage

Rubber pipes for the hydraulic circuit, marker flags and lamps kit complete with light supports can be supplied.

Adjustable feet included in LSA models, on request on LS 1800 and LS 2100 models.

TIP OF THE DAY – Our snowblades can also be used for small levelling jobs: you can in fact fix the tilting system of the blade. The blade will then not float anymore and, being rigid, will allow you to level the ground and compact the soil.