Skidsteer Loader Mulchers

Robustrack skid steer flail

LS FS series skidsteer loader mulchers

Top of the range skidsteer mulchers and flails for standard and high flow skidsteer loaders.

Robustrack bobcat skid loader mulchers
Skid steer and LS FS 10 mulcher with a cutting width of 2000mm

When it comes to clearing large areas with overgrown vegetation, to reclaim land or to tackle a forestry job, skid loader mulchers or flails are often the preferred option. The skid steer is a fast, strong but relatively light machine, especially if compared with a tractor, that can reach places and do jobs that would otherwise be labour intensive.

Robustrack LS FS5 skid loader mulchers

If you need to clear an area with overgrown vegetation the mulcher with the standard rotor is most likely the right choice for you. This machine can be fitted with Y blades, to cut long grass and brambles, or can be fitted with hammer blades, in case the menu is more robust (brambles, gorse, branches up to 2-3 inches). You’ll probably also benefit from the hydraulic lateral translation option which allows the skid loader mulcher to move sideways avoiding obstacles or reaching difficult places.

Skidsteer loader mulcher

However if the job is heavy duty, if the work environment is woody and if forestry is the sector, then we have the skidsteer loader mulcher with the forestry setup with fixed teeth. This mulcher is fitted with bottom replaceable slides and with a wended wear plate. Different types of fixed teeth can be fitted:

  • More or less aggressive teeth.
  • Teeth with a lesser or greater resistance to the damage caused by foreign objects.
  • Extremely heavy duty teeth that will require more power and therefore are more expensive to run…
  • And more!
Robustrack forestry skid loader mulchers

And if the goal is to have very finely chopped material, the mulchers can be fitted with a “double brush” which creates as a secondary cutting chamber: this makes a huge difference to the type of finished material and how finely chopped the final output is.

brush forestry mulcher skid steer               Rotor fixed teeth forestry mulcher               Fixed teeth forestry mulcher

Our range of skidsteer loader mulchers can be used with skidsteers from 50 HP to 120 HP. Every mulcher is delivered with a standard Bobcat or custom made mounting bracket and is fitted with an anti cavitation block of valves which means that it can be run with just 2 pipes without having to fit a drain line. If you need more details or if you want to have a chat about your needs just give us a call or use the button below.

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