Screening buckets for excavators and telehandlers

Designed for separating various-sized materials onsite, the VSE screening buckets are unique thanks to their easy loading, simple operation and high productivity.

Select. Screen. Separate… Natural stones and material can then be crushed or recycled for other onsite jobs or projects like pipe bedding, road works, quarrying, demolition or topsoil separation.

Robustrack screening buckets

The key advantages of using our screening buckets are:

• Quick adjustment of output size
• Effective with wet material
• High productivity
• Simple operation
• Easy loading
• Easily replaceable screening tools

The exclusive Simex patent allows rapid adjustment of output size of the screened material. In real time, during the screening action, the operator can control and adjust the output from inside the cabin: the distance between the screening roller can by changed by the operator directly from the cab of the excavator.

Unlike most of similar products on the market, where changing the size of the material screen involves stoping the operation and manually altering the distance between the screening shafts, with our screening buckets the operator hydraulically controls the distance between the shafts and decides on the size of the material screened, without having to stop operation, making the screening more time efficient and effective. Alternatively, the adjustment can be made remotely.

Robustrack screening bucket

The shafts are composed of varying-sized disks or tools that produce an intense whirling of the material to be screened. Our Screening Buckets can be fitted with 3 different tools; Standard, Breaking and Mixed. These screening tools have a diamond shape, which allows for better productivity.

Another key feature of our Screening Buckets is the ease of changing these Screening tools; Screening elements have different profiles to work with various materials. Tool replacement is rapid and requires no
disassembly of shafts
, again improving productivity and efficiency.

For more info on the full range of our screening buckets or for an informal chat get in contact with a member of our team.