Sawdust Spreader

Robustrack Sawdust Spreader

Taking ‘sawdust for animal bedding’ to the next level, meet the Robustrack hydraulic sawdust spreading bucket.

Our sawdust spreader can be utilised with tractors, telescopic handlers, wheeled loaders and excavators.

Robustrack Sawdust SpreaderThe system is designed to contribute to the profitability of farming in numerous ways: from increasing animal welfare, reducing the amount of dust going airborne, to increasing efficiency, making bedding a super fast operation. Of note is the considerable reduction in costs due to the optimised spreading of sawdust – not only is better use made of it, but a lower quantity is required to cover the same area. Robustrack Sawdust Spreader

If mounted on the front of the machine (tractor or telescopic handler), sawdust can be loaded into the spreader just as with a standard bucket shovelling the material directly up from the ground.

Robustrack Sawdust Spreader

One of the features customers love most about our saw dust excavator spreaders is… the management of the quantity of material released. With a built-in control, the operator can change the position of the roller. The speed of the roller can be adjusted hydraulically by the operator directly from the cab.

Key benefits:

  1. Animal Welfare: the sawdust is spread with a gravity based system that reduces to a minimum the amount of dust becoming airborne
  2. COST: precise and uniform distribution reduces the amount of sawdust needed by 1/3
  3. TIME: bedding becomes a job of a couple of minutes!
  4. HOMOGENEOUS SPREAD: no more heaps of sawdust – instead, a thin and perfectly distributed, homogeneous layer
  5. ABSORBENCY: urine and faeces are absorbed better by saw dust than straw, leaving a cleaner, safer area for livestock
  6. LAMENESS: reduced lameness by up to 20%
  7. DISPOSAL ON LAND: The saw dust is so fine, it spreads thinly onto land. Dropping to the bottom of the grass, it leaves it to grow through unencumbered. In comparison, the lignin in straw takes much longer to break down
Robustrack Sawdust Spreader



Lenght mm

Capacity Lt

Weight Kg

SASS. 230




SASS. 200




SASS. 180




SASS. 160




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