Trevi Benne Demolition and Recycling

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Trevi Benne Demolition and Recycling equipment available from Robustrack

Trevi Benne has been producing and selling attachments and tools for earth moving equipment since 1992, dealing in three major product lines:

  • equipment for DEMOLITION, HANDLING and RECYCLING, including pulverisers, crushers, multi kit processors, metal shears, screening and crushing buckets.
  • a full range of DIGGING and LOADING BUCKETS , standard and reinforced, for excavators and loaders, rear and front quick couplers; for QUARRYING and MINING industry for excavators up to 500 Ton.
  • a line dedicated to the FORESTRY sector for tree felling, cutting and thinning woodland areas.
Trevibenne demolition and Recycling

TREVI BENNE are the first demolition tools company to use Extra High Tough Steel Hardox® HiTuf on the most sensitive parts of its attachments, ie. the Jaws and other parts that are under particular stress during operation.

Hardox® HiTuf is an abrasion-resistant plate with guaranteed impact toughness, better weldability and improved temperature stability.

TREVI source only the best quality components from the top European producers and design, assemble and test everything in Italy. Their products are both top of the market and very competitively priced.

Trevibenne demolition and recycling

Trevi Benne At Robustrack

We have given focus on the website to a few key products, namely the CS SERIES , MK SERIES and PMZ RANGE, however, Robustrack are delighted to be able to offer the FULL CATALOGUE of Trevi Benne products for supply in the UK. Browse the ranges below and get in touch for more information or a quotation.

Trevibenne demolition and recycling


Trevi Benne’s Demolition equipment includes a selection of pulverisers, crushers, demolition and sorting grapples, booster, multi-kit and pile crushers. This equipment is designed for the demolition of structures and buildings, separation of ferrous material and concrete, removal and remediation for redevelopment of the area.

Forestry Equipment

Equipment suitable for the felling, thinning, and cutting of branches and logs. Trevi Benne’s Forestry equipment line have a selection of heavy duty tree-shears, wood splitters and root cutters.


With a variety of metal shears, rail-croppers, screening and crushing buckets, grapples and rib positioning clamps, Trevi Benne’s recycling range is perfect for crushing and selecting aggregates for the railway industry, recycling and trading of ferrous scrap and handling, transporting and positioning of various kinds of material.


Complete range of standard and reinforced digging buckets for excavators and loaders, rear and front quick couplers, rippers and fork-lift. This line of special buckets has been carefully designed for the extractive sector in quarry and mining for excavators up to 500 Ton.

For more information on Trevi Benne Demolition and Recycling or for a quotation call us on 01524 242414 or click the link below

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