Forestry Tree Shears Trevi Benne

Trevi Benne WR Series of Heavy Duty Tree Shears

WR Tree Shear

Heavy Duty Tree Shears

Ideal for cutting and harvesting wood on a large scale in woodlands, for excavators 12 – 30 Ton

360° Rotation

Intergrated rotator, high stability clamp, optional central accumulation clamp

Innovative twin-blade cutting system

Double blade, central and upper grapple arms are all made from wear-resistant material Hardox 400.

Suitable for excavators 12 – 30 Ton, the Trevi Benne WR Series of  heavy duty tree shear offer stability and safety  as well as high performance. Made from robust Hardox 400, the shear can cut diameters from 40cm to 55cm. The shear tower can come with or without the central accumulator enabling multiple cuts.  The WR Series also allow the possibility of adjustment of the cutter opening based on the diameter of the stem. Watch the video to see this awesome attachment in action!  

Watch the WR Series in Action

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