Engcon Tiltrotators And Attachments

Encgon at Robustrack

Robustrack Engcon Partnership

Robustrack are now in official partnership with Engcon UK and can offer sales, installation, parts, service and warranty work on their range of Tiltrotators, control systems, hitches and attachments.

Engcon’s tiltrotators can be adapted to suit most excavator models and backhoe loaders on the market, from 1.5 Ton up to 33 Ton diggers. We can offer Engcon’s tiltrotators as part of the specification on your new Eurocomach excavator from Robustrack or as a retrofit on your current machine.

Engcon Tiltrotators Robustrack

Engcon tiltrotators allow your attachments to rotate through a 360° axis and tilt +/-45° meaning that you can work where you stand and access those hard to reach areas, even in limited space. Whether it’s using a tree shear around other trees or digging around a manhole, the Engcon tiltrotator gives the versatility that your excavator wouldn’t otherwise have.

Engcon Tiltrotators Robustrack

Engcon tiltrotators also allow for faster and easier tool changes with its integrated hydraulic quick coupler – which from 6 Ton can be supplied with or without EC-Oil, Engcon’s innovative automatic hydraulic connector. This functionality means that you can perform multiple tasks in a shorter time allowing reliance on fewer machines and reducing working times. This in turn reduces the wear of the excavator, reduces fuel consumption and allows you to expect a return on investment of around 1500 hours.

Engcon tiltrotators can be adapted for your new or existing attachments and connect directly to your boom or underneath a quick hitch. There are several different control systems and hitch options to choose from based on your machine´s characteristics and our Robustrack team can help you select the best specification for your needs and excavator.

Engcon Tiltrotators DC2 controls

For example, Engcon’s DC2’s proportional control system can offer infinitely variable control with remote support capability, track/wheel steering and boom slew. For other purposes, custom control systems are available. Just give us a call and we can talk you through the options for your machine.

Service and Warranty

Robustrack can not only supply your Engcon products but we are also Approved Engcon Service Partners. This means Robustrack fitters can come to you and service your Engcon machines and carry out any warranty work as required.

Eurocomach with Engcon

If you have any further questions about our Engcon range or to arrange service or warranty work, please feel free to get in touch on 01524 242414. Or hit the ‘Get a Quote’ button below and one of our sales team will be in touch.