Mulchers for 8 to 24 Ton excavators

Robustrack forestry mulcher for excavators 8 - 24 Ton

LS6 series reversible mulchers

Top of range mulchers for heavy duty jobs.

forestry mulcher

The LS6 Series are top of our range.  They can be fitted in standard setup with knives to clear gorse, cut overgrowth and for hedge cutting, but most of our customer opt for heavy duty hammer blades. The heavy duty setup provides the flexibility for multiple use but when it comes to  more woody hedge cutting or thicker branches they are in their element.

When things get really tough and you need a mulcher for dealing with small trees the forestry setup  on the LS5 and LS6 is the ultimate solution. The drum of the rotor is designed to be used with branches and trees and the hammer blades are retractable to improve cutting efficiency and increase the performance of the mulcher.

The LS6 series is ideal for 8 to 24 Ton. The flail mowers are REVERSIBLE which means they have no cutting directions, increasing the cutting speed and making them a top choice when operating at the side of the road to reduce movement “again the traffic flow”.

Larger excavators can also utilise the LS6 using the piston engine option. The piston engine is necessary if the working pressure exceeds 200/250 bar (ie. the gear motor’s maximum pressure tolerance). It works with a maximum pressure of 350 bar (continuous mode) or  400 bar (intermittent mode).

mulcher hammer blades               mulcher piston engine               mulcher forestry rotor

Every flail mower head is delivered with:

    • Protective chains
    • Anti-cavitation block of valves: a system that stops the back pressure from damaging the hydraulic pump if there is a sudden stop of the rotor of the flail mower due to an obstacle or a foreign object being hit during cutting.
    • Optional: standard or quick hitch mounting brackets
  • Optional: pipes, pins, bits and pieces

mulcher working with a Cat 308Flail mower head LS6-1200

excavator mounted mulcher 12734040_10208743137441698_6864323969117899103_n excavator mounted mulcher

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