Bonino DG landscape solution for grass cutting

Bonino Ecograss DG


Landscape maintenance is the art of keeping landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive, typically in a yard, park, institutional setting, or estate.

Bonino Ecograss in the answer: a self loading forage wagon fitted with a flail mower head to cut and collect grass, brambles and other types of vegetation.

Airfield Maintenance Grass Cutting   Airfield Maintenance Grass Cutting
Airfield Grass Cutting and Landscape   Bonino Ecograss DG flail mower

This self-loading cutting wagon provides several benefits to landscapers and contractors:

  1. Being able to adjust the height of cutting between 2 and 15 cm allows for greater flexibility and, in the case of airfield operators, avoids the issue of birds.
  2. The fact that the grass is collected immediately means that there is no residual grass left on the ground (or on the side of the runway ).
  3. Since the machine cuts and collects at the same time significant money is saved both in terms of man-hours and fuel consumption.
  4. The grass collected can be used as compost as well as utilised by biogas plants.
  5. For very wet ground flotation tires are available for low impact on the ground.

Cutting width is 1.9 m for all models. The machine can operate in-line or offset from the towing tractor. Flails are interchangeable depending on vegetation type, and material cut is collected in an enclosed trailer with a hydraulically driven moving floor.

bonino landscape flail mower     landscape flail mower solution
img_5208    Airfield and landscape mowers

Ideal for contractors and landscapers, the Bonino Ecograss DG series is perfect for cutting bracken, utilized by the forestry commision to make compost for mushrooms.

bracken cutting flail   bracken cutting flail
bracken cutting flail   bracken cutting flail

The Italian built machines include 3 models in the DG range, the DG50, DG60 & DG70 which are based on a flail cut system. The capacity varies from 23 to 30 m³, with the possibility of having bigger capacity on demand.

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