Hydraulic Selector Grabs for Excavators

Selector Grabs

Our Hydraulic Selector Grabs manufactured and produced by Cangini Italy, allow for high productivity and ease of use even in heavy-duty conditions. The 360° hydraulic rotation comes as a standard feature on all models, as well as clamps and blades in hardwearing HB400 steel.

Designed to handle a variety of materials, they are a great asset to have in many sectors. The Cangini Selector Grab is constructed in hardwearing steel, making it exceptionally wear-resistant and long-lasting.


selector grabs


Versatile. Time efficient.

Thanks to its great clamping force and high operational agility, our sorting grapples are especially designed for recycling centres, to sort and handle aggregates, steel, or waste materials.

Versatility is the name of the game with this attachment, making it particularly useful on those sites needing to handle a variety of materials in a short amount of time.

selector grabs


Reliable. Robust.

The Cangini Selector Grabs particularly robust structure, means it can be used safely and reliably to tackle a large range of demolition work, as well as being fitted with a large assortment of accessories:

  • Side closing, with or without teeth, which increases its load capacity for a more effective grip on stones and timber.
  • Teeth for precise gripping of bulk material, rubber bumpers for safe handling of concrete curbs.
selector grabs


High Performance. 

Reversible, bidirectional hydraulic rotation featured on all models: with hydraulic rotor on 100PF and 150PF models; with a slewing bearing on 200PF, 250PF, 300PF, 300PG, 450PF, 450PG, 550PF and 550PG models.

High Resistance.

High resistance guaranteed thanks to the use of high-strength steels for the construction of parts most exposed to wear. Pins, in 39NiCrMo3 steel, undergo thermal hardening (60 HRC), while bushings are welded.

Long Work Life.

The flanged relief valve protects the motor against pressure spikes, and this is a standard feature on all models.

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