Hedgecutter Atlas railway maintenance

We have a special delivery for next week coming from our italian producion: a brand new LS6-1200 flailmower is on its way to its new home!

It will take care of hedges along 250 miles of railway!

Flail mower head 1200mm

This hedgecutter will be operated with a Atlas 1404 and it will cut grass, brambles and very thick hedges.

hedgecutter hammer blades

An auxillary piston motor was fitted to ensure top performance and the anti-cavitation block of valves will deal with even the toughest obstacle the machine might find in its way.

Hedgecutter LS6-1200 Flail mower head piston motor

The LS6-1200 hedgecutter is REVERSIBLE, which means that it can be used to cut in both directions, from left to right and vice versa. This saves time and is ideal for awkward toreach spots such as ditchesand banks. The reversible feature is particularly appreciated when it is utilized in the railway context for several consecutive hours.

The operator make the most of the hedgecutter’s superior performance during prolonged cutting sessions

Mulcher LS6-1200

Just as with any of our flail mower heads, the mounting bracket was included.

Hedgecutter LS6-1200 mounting bracket

We look forward to publishing some photos of this hedgecutter at work!!