Heavy Duty Forestry Shears for Excavators 9 – 35T

forestry shears

High Performance Hydraulic Forestry Shears.

The W series of Forestry Shears has been designed and built exclusively for harvesting trees and woody shrubs. As of January 2020 we now distribute a range of forestry attachments produced by VTN Europe: we share the same passion for delivering quality attachments and a service to match. Our goal is to improve our customer’s productivity.

The energy cutter shears are designed for performance in the following applications:

  • conventional harvest of trees and bushes
  • harvest of short rotation plantations
  • in rough terrain, hill areas and in bog areas
  • maintenance along traffic roads and rail way
  • large scale harvest of forest areas
  • problematic tree felling
  • cultivation and landscape maintenance

Each energy cutter shear is fitted with two mobile arms with synchronised mechanisms, and a cylinder with safety lock valve to safely hold the tree trunk during and after the cutting operation.

The cutting system is made up of a rigid body and movable jaws with a blade: the hydraulic cylinder pushes the blade through, cutting the trunk with a force that can reach 39 Ton.

The collecting clamp mounted between the gripper and the cutting mechanism allows the user to continue cutting multiple branches without having to lay the trunk on the ground. The collecting clamp can be retro fitted in aftermarket.

deforestation shearMain advantages:

  • Easy installation on conventional excavators
  • Low service and low wear due to special cutting system
  • Easily replaceable blade
  • Easy to operate
  • Collecting clamp option
  • Bundled, ordered storage of harvested material
  • Clean cutting surface
  • Vertical removal of the tree
  • No damage to the trees and objects nearby
  • Reduce soil compaction and damage

The main body of the rotator is in STRENX, with inspection plates for easy access to the internal components. The rotation system is a Imo Slew Drive. The hydraulic motor combined with the pressure control valve is vertical, whilst the connection plate is positioned at an angle, to optimise the kinematics.

Cutting dimensions:

Soft wood (poplar, birch, fir, larch, pine tree):
W800 =   300 mm
W1100 =   400 mm
W1600 =  500 mm

Hard wood (beech tree, walnut tree, ash tree, oak, mahogany):
W800 =     280 mm
W1100 =   350 mm
W1600 =   450 mm

deforestation shear

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