Harvester Head for excavators 10 – 15T.

harvester head

The new DHF 600 harvester head is designed to meet the needs of forestry operators. Providing the ability to carry out the various phases of initial wood processing without having to change the machine or replace the end tool.

With the DHF 600 harvester head it is possible to fell trees, drag them, cut them into sections, stack and load them. All without having to change equipment on the excavator!

Thanks to the innovative rotational system of the grapple + chainsaw body, the overall dimensions are much smaller than other harvesters on the market. This makes it possible to optimise the phases of felling, making them quick and easy.



Fells. Drags. Sections. Stacks. Loads


The grapple has an opening of 1650 mm. A load capacity of 4000kg. And forks made entirely of wear-resistant steel HB400. It is available both standard with joined ends or tined.

The HCS saw unit can be equipped with harvester bars of 75 and 90 cm (actual cutting up to ø 600mm). The axial piston motors used ensure effective and fast cutting, as well as guaranteeing bar speed, a crucial aspect for felling.

The DFH 600 harvester head weighs 850 kg and can be installed on machines weighing between 10 and 15 T.


Felling head


One tool. All the jobs.


  • Carry out all operations without changing machines
  • Innovative roto-translation system in felling
  • Optimisation of the sectioning phases
  • Lifting and loading of the material facilitated by the reduced dimensions
  • Powerful and fast cutting unit
  • Robust and reliable structure



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