Grapple Saws for cranes and excavators.

Our Forestry Grapple paired with Saw kit are the latest addition to our range of Hydraulic Attachments. The Grapple Saws makes cutting and stacking logs safe and productive. Manual chainsaws will only be required to fell and cut the main branches, whilst everything else can then be done by the operator on the excavator. Leading to a considerable increase in the volume of timber processed every day.

Greater Strength. More Power.

Having a larger rotating steel structure manufactured with high precision machining makes it possible to obtain greater thrust force on the cutting bar and at the same time maintain the force with a large bearing. This ensures greater cutting power, speed and durability. 

The saw kit is designed to suit a large range of grapples and with mounting brackets designed and manufactured in house, we are able to meet any specification.

With the ability to cut up to 650mm logs, this really is a heavy duty bit of kit.

robustrack grapple saws


Cut and Pile in just a few minutes.

  • Improved productivity in timber processing
  • Safer, faster more efficient
  • Cost effective solution to wood processing
  • Compatible with a large range of excavators
  • Once the tree is felled the operator in the excavator can process, cut and stack the timber
  • Direct from tree to chipper or container
  • Reduces man power by up to 60 percent

By using our grapple saws you can save in both man-hours and materials. Meaning the total costs over the entire lifespan are low, making them a very profitable investment.


Grapple Saws spec breakdown.

  • Oil requirement of 60-200 L/min
  • 4 Litre chain lubrication tank
  • Up to 40 M/S chain speed
  • Weighs between 140-300KG depending on grapple/rotator required

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