Flail mowers for 1.2 to 2.5 Ton mini diggers

Robustrack Mini digger flail head LS2-600

LS1 and LS2 series flail mowers for micro and mini diggers


Small and robust flail mowers to cut in places where only mini excavators can get

LS1-600 flail mower Kubota

Compact and strong but light, the flail mower series LS1 and LS2 are the perfect solution for hedge cutting and ground clearing with small machines. Their cutting width is 600 and 800 mm and they are fitted with strong knives or hammer blades to deliver a clean cut on grass, brambles or light hedges and to reach places too wet or too narrow to go with tractors or bigger machines. The weight of our flail mowers is a critical factor: they are strongly built but light because when you work with a 1.2 – 2.5 mini excavator stability (and safety) in any working condition is a top priority. With all our flails there is NO DRAIN LINE REQUIRED.

flail mower head             flail mower head mounting bracket             

The amount of oil the flail requires from the mini digger is also very important. The hydraulic motor requires a min of 20 lt/min, which means that the operator won’t need to push “too hard on the accelerator”, thus avoiding an increase in oil temperature even with very small diggers.

The LS1 series can also be supplied in the “REVERSIBLE” setup: this model doesn’t have the roller and can be operated cutting backwards and forwards instead of the standard process – cut, lift the arm up, bring bring it back, lower it and start cutting again.

LS1-600 flail mower Kubota

Every flail mower is delivered with:

    • Protective chains or rubber in front of the cutting opening to stop loose debris.
    • Anti-cavitation block of valves: a system that stops the back pressure from damaging the hydraulic pump should there be a sudden stop of the rotor of the flail mower due to an obstacle or a foreign object being hit during cutting.
    • Adjustable rear roller with 3 cutting positions (only LS2 Series)
    • Optional: standard or quick hitch mounting brackets to fit any excavator. The mounting bracket is customised and can be produced following specifics supplied by the customer.


  • Pipes
  • 30° or 45° adaptor to cut hedges in narrow passages

We’ll do our best to deliver a flail mower head ready to work with you!

LS2-600 at work 4

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