Impact Crushing buckets for excavators and telehandlers

CBE 20 Crusher bucket

Designed to reduce the volume of aggregates directly onsite, the CBE impact crushing buckets are the obvious choice for those who need uncompromising quality and productivity.

Often required to manage elements of demolition as part of remediation projects, these impact crushing buckets handle a range of excessive waste materials including bricks, concrete slabs and concrete foundations. In addition, the output can be suitable for re-use onsite.

ADVANTAGEScrusher bucket CBE 20

• Low noise output
• High cutting force
• High productivity
• Lightweight frame
• No vibrations
• Easy back or front loading
• Simple, quick tool replacement
• Works fast and efficiently
• Anti-wear tools: better protection and longer life

Our impact crushing buckets come with replaceable secured teeth, which are unaffected by the presence of iron, rock, soil, deformable parts, wet or humid materials and deliver exceptional performance in crushing demolition material.

The phenomenal cutting force allows a wide range of materials to be crushed due to the rotor being activated by high-displacement radial piston hydraulic motors, in direct drive. A variety of accessories are also available to allow for different cutting widths between the teeth, depending on how big or small the desired finished product is.

Every impact crushing bucket is fitted with a patented automatic hydraulic spin inversion system, enabling a change in rotation of the drum. If a piece of material gets stuck between the two sets of teeth and it cannot be crushed, the pressure of the excavators hydraulic system reaches a certain level and the rotation of the drum automatically changes direction, allowing the material to be released.

If the excavator has the option of changing the direction of the rotor from inside the cab, then this can also be performed by the operator, with a flick of a switch.

Ideal for crushing reinforced concrete and demolition waste, these impact crusher buckets are also in their element with bricks, natural aggregates, tiles, glass and asphalt slabs. It works fast and efficiently, with a drum design and a large mouth shape similar to a standard bucket.

crusher buckets specs

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